Yung Boss Ft. Demashe "Ride Wit Me"

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Yung Boss
About Yung Boss


Yung Boss was born in Brooklyn, New York in November 1990.  At an early age he spoke fluently and memorized phrases at the drop of a dime.  Every song he heard on the radio he was able to repeat word for word.  Of course, his family wished he could apply that talent to his school work also.  Music was a passion for Yung Boss even at that early age.  He began free styling at the age of 7 and loved the response he got from other students.  “One day, I’m going to make it on BET or MTV”, he’s say.  Even without the support from his parents, Yung Boss was committed to homing in on his craft and showing everyone that this wasn’t a joke.  Even with negative outside influences that would eventually get him into trouble, he became even more determined to make it in the music industry.  It was real; it was what his life was going to be.  He would prove to the world that Yung Boss is a contender in this music industry. 

Yung Boss had collaborated with some remarkable producers such as T.R.O.N, Vybe Beatz and Superstar O on his hit single “Ride Wit Me”.  This single is like taking a ride of a life time, a ride into paradise.  It has a catchy sound to it; it’s upbeat and fun and is definitely a club song.  This song is relatable to all young hip people, who are looking for a fun life, an adventurous life doing it all with the beat of a song like this.  This is radio friendly, radio ready, relatable, memorable and sustainable.   It also has a great video attached to it.

This singles has been released and is available at the following websites:

Also available on ITunes and Myxertones.

Yung Boss is currently working with A & R Select in West Hollywood, Ca. for publishing, licensing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities.  For additional information, you can reach them at: