A group of talented individuals

The name based street Lyfe originates from the struggles of poverty stricken youths, who's only options at the time was the streets. Being products of their environment, they learned how to product their environment in a possitive direction. Every member being from different areas of Los Angeles add their input on their trials, tribulations and success through the art of music. Our Basic efforts are to become role modles to the youth in our neighborhoods, as wells as many communities that we are able to reach. We offer FREE lessons to the youth on audio recording, producing and creative writting. Members range between ages. Executive members include; Big- Sleep"c.e.o." Poppa Loc"Co.c.e.o", CiCi "Co.c.e. Producers include; Big Sleep, Poppa Loc, Big T. Artist and Writers include; Poppa Loc, Big Sleep, K.S, Mic Hell, Yac, Trigg, Slicca ****, Pac Man and, CICI. We are an Indie company, hoping to make more of our music


Da will 2 live/be heard,Bootsie Collins,Rick James

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