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<p>We read "The West Chamber" <br />"The West Chamber" that is "all sentient beings have become dependents," another popular and such an abuse of the story: love at first sight Zhang Sheng and Cui Yingying, and Choi and feudal interests of the mother for the family to consider blocking the ritual law, and finally, in the matchmaker's help, after a series of struggles, Cui and Zhang <a href="http://www.zkku.com/cheap-wow-gold/">world of warcraft gold</a> married. Works of young men and women expressed the requirements of free love, marriage, desire to own, showing a so-called <a href="http://www.mmogcart.com/wow-gold/wow-gold-us/cheap-wow-gold-us-alliance.jsp">wow gold</a> anti-feudal theme. <br />Today, Cui and Zhang have already ceased to exist obstacles to free <a href="http://www.weboof.com/wow_gold/wow_us_gold.jsp">wow gold</a> association, resulting in their joys and sorrows of the social conditions of the original clutch, <a href="http://www.deckersstore.com/">ugg boots</a> great changes have taken place, living in modern society, why do young people read "The West Chamber" it ? "The West Chamber" and Why to move to live in today, a material extremely rich era of <a href="http://www.wowgold-bank.com/">buy world of warcraft gold</a> unprecedented freedom of gender integration in the young people? <br />Of course, "The West <a href="http://www.ulirvision.com/">infrared camera</a> Chamber" story twists and turns vivid, beautiful diction Hua Yan, scenery write write write things without love is not good pen flower, it is refreshing. We read "The West Chamber", should indeed <a href="http://www.topsoftwareol.com/product/video/psp_video_converter.html">psp movie converter</a> play Yuan thin potential to send the most outstanding representatives of literary styles, such as Wang Shih-fu, "Flowers Beauty" Chapter words <a href="http://www.topsoftwareol.com/product/suite/dvd_to_psp_suite.html">psp movie</a> like brilliant, but more should be read to fully mobilize their own experience and appreciate life experience to figure out thoughts and feelings of the characters in lyrics, which in turn try to figure out savor rich reading experience and strengthen their own life experience. In this way, read the link to the same life, and to link up with the <a href="http://www.topsoftwareol.com/product/suite/dvd_to_mp4_suite.html">convert mp4</a> life and the life, and reading activities for mentally, spiritually influence people and change people. Lin Xi Xiang when reading so-called "words of warning people, Full of fragrance" is not far as "The West Chamber" <a href="http://www.topsoftwareol.com/product/blu-ray/blu-ray_to_ipod_converter.html">convert ipod</a> of the melting of the hundreds of literary talent for colorful language arts, and I understand it, "police person" who is It is thought that implication, "fragrance" is one who love the thick, dense fragrance, influence gradually dye, builds <a href="http://www.topmmogold.com/ffxigil/final-fantasy-xi/">final fantasy xi gil</a> character. <br />Literature is write, write touched the person of, write the beauty of human <a href="http://www.supu.cc/">phoenix connector</a> feelings, human nature really. "The West Chamber" Zhang wrote in the love of beauty, the beauty <a href="http://www.sellcaps.com/">baseball caps</a> of affection Yingying, matchmaker passion beauty, love of beauty based on the true. People live is not just a physical existence, but also a spiritual existence, the spirit of the whims and <a href="http://www.rose-nail.cn/">nail art</a> indulge in the United States is, and any damage that the U.S. forces must be ugly. "The West Chamber" to write such a beautiful and ugly contest, writing and human nature is bound to be suppressed, but also to write of human <a href="http://www.promolanyard.com/">lanyard</a> nature such as thunder finally break the shackles of vitality such as bamboo shoots freely done. What is love? Gender gracious love is the best feeling the world is <a href="http://www.pickfashionboots.com/">ugg australian shoes</a> the most worthy and cherished feelings in front of her, what fame and fortune, and what career the economy, what door the <a href="http://www.oilpaintinggo.com/">fine art oil painting</a> first property, what their parents or, what is ethical, are less than hanging gear worthless, because they are imposed as an external force upon the natures of things. Feudal society, the greatest sin <a href="http://www.nbliaoyuan.com/">outdoor lighting</a> is the destruction of humanity. Why should spare no effort to maximize the <a href="http://www.lineage2adenavip.com/">lineage 2 adena</a> destruction of human nature? Because of the nature of human freedom, the freedom of the feudal order, constitute a serious human threat, shaking the foundation of the feudal <a href="http://www.jordangogo.com/">wholesale nike</a> buildings. <br />"Acacia has reported the withdrawal of a breakthrough in children and early leave of" Cui Yingying was in agony, after <a href="http://www.hygitek.cn/camphor-tablet.asp">camphor tablet</a> suffering Xingang Gang get love will face serious challenges, "hear the channel soon 'to have' loose Jinchuan; Looking See ten pavilion, reducing the Yuji: Cihen Who knows? "What kind of" hate "it? "Oh <a href="http://www.hidunknike.com/">air force ones</a> young light far different, easy to love Oh thin disposable throw. Errands phase do not want to endure the whole, face up against one last dance, hand Xiangxie children. You and I <a href="http://www.ghdhairss.com/">ghd hair styler</a> do the country Cui son, husband to your wife, Wing, and the head of a lotus, but may , evil as strong as the champion and third. "Yingying appears in, lovers children from morning <a href="http://www.fzchl.com/">rock drill</a> till evening, ear temples servant Moldova, Juanqimei, affectionate, romance, your hand, and grow old with you ... ... In short," and the head of a lotus, but may "more than anything else, so <a href="http://www.ffxigilcost.com/">ffxi gil</a> she repeatedly urged Zhang," The official line was not officers, disease would come back, "Sue what to say," bang unknown vow to go home "! This is a desire for love and happiness warm and <a href="http://www.ebrandsell.com/">cheap belts</a> persistent pursuit, this pursuit broke through the stereotypes and the feudal shackles of traditional <a href="http://www.dressale.com/wedding-apparel-mother-of-the-bride-dresses-c-2_5.html">mother of the bride dresses</a> morality, is "Uphold Justice, Annihilate Desire" subversive doctrine of Science, showing a rebellious spirit. <br />Cui Ying-ying has another worry: Zhang Once <a href="http://www.chinawinches.cn/">hydraulic winch</a> high school, will the other Pan Gaozhi? "You Qi Fu Man missing off worries, I am afraid you stop and then get <a href="http://www.chinadinli.com/">articulating boom lifts</a> married and his wife." Zhang asked so solemnly: "This one king shall be recorded, if it met a foreign land plants, and then later closed habitats like here. "Ying-ying's concern is not without reason. <a href="http://www.chaoling.com/">cigarette lighter</a> In that era, rich and easy to pay, your wife is not only easy to commonplace, or even "discarding" of hooliganism was also considered to be "good mend." In polygamy, women's <a href="http://www.bodybuildingplan.com/">p90x dvd</a> fate is tragic, they are thrown at any time the risk of being abandoned, given <a href="http://www.accountbar.com/buy/rs-account.jsp">rs accounts</a> such a background, Yingying Zhang told students it is a very great voice. Yingying appears in his own affection for Zhang should not be let down and betrayed, but to get the return on the <a href="http://www.0086ch.com/">furniture accessories suppliers</a> other, which is actually a requirement to defend human dignity and <a href="http://www.eluxuryelement.net/gucci-c-75.html">gucci boston</a> the idea of equality, which is the traditional resentment and resistance , represents the voice of the majority of women at that time. <br />"The West Chamber" at the end too fall into the stereotypes, <a href="http://www.eluxuryelement.net/chanel-c-73.html">chanel</a> but described by Wang Shih-fu Zhang Sheng and Cui Yingying break the shackles of feudal etiquette, <a href="http://www.eluxuryelement.net/">louis vuitton handbags</a> regardless of their parents or Meishuozhiyan, Norm Tsunatsune disdain fame and fortune, heed the call of his inner, longitudinal self-willed love the free-spirited, courageous love again. They met <a href="http://www.bagsvillage.org/">replica handbags</a> from the Buddha, love at first sight, to the next month of poems, sharing <a href="http://www.bagsvillage.org/">louis vuitton handbags</a> kindness, Jane developed to transfer the book delivery, jump off the wall appointment, until the West Wing rendezvous, tempting the two conditions, the final pavilion bid farewell to eachother, this series <a href="http://www.bagspirit.com/hemes-birkin-30-104130w-p-1043.html">birkin bag</a> explain the meaning of love cut, a warm acts of daring, I do not know the number of guard <a href="http://www.bagspirit.com/louis-vuitton-c-17.html">louis vuitton bags</a> teeth, frightened, so I do not know how much under the yoke of the feudal marriage system hit section of young men and women whom, intoxicated, whom spirit-fly. Even today, "The West Chamber" still makes an <a href="http://www.watchesvillage.com/breitling-watch-c-10.html">breitling navitimer</a> implicit excited, people recognized the good of humanity and freedom is precious, realize bound souls, destroying the forces of human nature how despicable and abominable, recognizing that people live in Notwithstanding <a href="http://www.watchesvillage.com/chanel-watch-c-14.html">chanel watch</a> this world of difficulties and hardships, or resistance worth living, and realize that happiness can, should and must go to fight for - discard all old ideas, get rid of the shackles of all kinds of mind, and life for the liberation of humanity the dignity of the struggle!</p>

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