Where and how to dry things in an apartment without a balcony?

3 months ago
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Where to dry laundry in the apartment? I don't want to hang him in the bathroom. And we have a small bathroom. Putting a dryer in the middle of the living room is not beautiful and not aesthetically pleasing. We don't have a balcony.

3 months ago
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The easiest way is to start a drying machine. But if on the floor, next to the washing machine, there is no place then you can put the second next to the drying machine over the washing machine.

3 months ago
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I use laundry services

3 months ago
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There are a lot of options for drying laundry now. I don't have much room in the apartment either. I use the Weekweed Portable Folding Electric Air Drying Clothes Dryer. It is very comfortable and comfortable.  Such drying does not take up much space. I found it on https://pickadvisor.org/best-portable-dryers/ when I read the best portable dryer review. I'm glad I was able to find that option for myself.

3 months ago
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Interesting information. For example, I don’t like home improvement at all. Everything in my house is discarded.

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