A Hideous Blue

About A Hideous Blue

A Hideous Blue is a heady, hypnotic and haunting blend of desert rock and surf that conjures the brooding persona of a band with three-dimensional power. The listeners find themselves enveloped in a thick yet airy brand of echoing spirits and haunted mesas.  The LP “A Horrendous Red” creates an atmosphere and mood - dark, compelling, unforgettable. The album summons the ambience of an on-the-road motorcycle demon with a quiet, dangerous personality.
The man behind A Hideous Blue, Derrick Mills, wrote, performed and co-poduced the entire album. He kicked off his career drumming for rock and metal acts before finally succumbing to the desire to create music that gave a sense of atmosphere, like a soundtrack to life that everyone would want to be a part of. In an attempt to create something original he began playing the guitar and writing songs that invoked the images of his vision.  
It's an escape from reality that embraces the rebellion and debauchery missing in today's rock.



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