About Azar

In the year of 1974 Azar was born. 
The sun was shining high lighting up the day. 
Its light gave heavenly power. 
Years have passed, people have gone through hardships and Mithology was then created. 
To give a new live and sensuality.


Music Composer, producing Chill out & New age music 

Azar has a significant experience in music starting as a guitar player and growing into composer. In 2006 Azar creates his first song participating a competition organized by the bulgarian music portal Sonic B.A.N.G., taking the first place for the best original composition.

Realizing its vocation in 2006, Azar continues his professional development in the music while joining the team of AMA Sound studio. At the beginning as a composer and orchestrator, developing also skills as a Sound designer & 2nd mix & mastering engineer. 

In 2008 Azar joins the team of AMAdea Music LTD as an A & R Music scout. 

Azar is already working on his first album in the genre of New Age and Chill out entitled "Mythology". The album tells a story about the ancient civilizations in the land of Mesopotamia. There will be 9 songs, two of which will be in the genre of Soundtrack. 

The first single from this album is entitled "The Messenger", giving us a new beginning...