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Robert Miller is a Albino was born on August 7,1989 born an raised in South Phildelphia Robert has 5 brothers and 1 sister his oldest brother received 2 death sentences.<br />at the age of 18 he is 29 years old now on deathrow in SCI GREENE.Robert was angry about what happened to his oldest brother and his mother feared losing him to the streets but realized he had a gift to rap so even though his parents were no longer together and couldn&#39;t afford it they bought him some equipment and he started writing and then creating his own beats an taking every opportunity he can to perform live so Robert who&#39;s stage name his B-Millz is self taught so<br />we will see and hear more from this talented young artist who attends Overbrook School For The Blind And Visually Impaired.In the words of the late great Dr. Martin Luther King ( B-Millz ) HAS A DREAM&quot;<br /><a href="/[link=http://myspace.com/bmillz89">URL:[link=http://myspace.com/bmillz89</a><br /><a href="/[link=http://myspace.com/kennykaskets">URL:[link=http://myspace.com/kennykaskets</a>


Ludacris,Nas,Common,Jay-Z,Alicia Keys,Eve,James Brown,Mary J. Bliege,Frank Sinatra,Run DMC ,Kool And The Gang,many, many more




B-Milly from South Philly !!!

By B-Millz, 2007-10-21
B-Milly from South Philly !!!

wassup all I am new here don&#39;t know my way around yet please check out my tracks let me know which one is your favorite!

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