Ben Livingston

About Ben Livingston

I have been involved in:

Trekking as a troubadour in the Himalayas, creating multi-media public sculpture, 48 birthdays, designing and building neon shops in both hemispheres, creating the classifieds section of a very popular little news paper and magazine in Austin, Texas, countless wonderful friendships, my own teenage run bicycle shop, theatrical set design and construction, massive hangovers, professional photography, car wrecks, volunteer work, becoming a National Endowment for the Arts fellow, giving presentations at Universities and many schools and different organizations, carpentry, awesome love making, being a temporary emergency room surgeon, house painting, song writing and many live stage performances, threats of muscular dystrophy, grant writing, drawing, surfing, a trans Atlantic ship crossing, qi gong, starting and running successful businesses, enduring betrayal of false friends, ditch digging, writing, good food, capsizing a sailboat, gardening, teaching neon in New Zealand, children, uncontrollable laughter, deep despair, stargazing, painting, failing miserably, a sand castle contest victory, day-dreaming, high fever, getting my **** kicked, great literature, February water-skiing in a hefty bag, landscaping, horse trading, boxing, printing, difficult relationships, overcoming threats of muscular dystrophy, true love, book making, skateboarding, experiencing a religious community, offshore gas production, overwhelming beauty, loneliness, steel-bending, welding, tree hugging, car stereo installation, journeys with a shaman, cooking, playing the therimin, ditching a religious community, nature, tolerating annoying channel surfing, dance, neon studio demonstrations and workshops, international art exhibits, boredom, whale watching, dying and death, architectural design, making neon, bathing in mud, creating a recycling infrastructure in Nepal, bicycle racing, camping, International food poisoning and bad drinking water, a triathlon in Hawaii, a lightness of being, building my own homes & studios, recording an original cd with a real good band, and pet care just to name a few.

------"The underlying sense of form in my work is the system of the Universe, or part thereof. For that is a rather large model to work from" -Alexander Calder

-------Please call (512) 447-9915 and see Ben's website at: