If you like great melodic rock in the styling of Toto or other great west coast bands this is for you. Great vocals, big guitar and smooth grovesĀ you like great melodic rock in the styling of Toto or other great west coast bands this is for you. Great vocals, big guitar and smooth groves


Toto-West Coast AOR

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By BIGKRUSH, 2008-02-21

POWER PLAY MAGAZINE REVIEW <br />Rob Evens<br /><br />POWER PLAY MAGAZINE REVIEW There&#39;s nothing like a good bit of Westcoast AOR to help you relax and unwind after a hard day. Our next band fit that bill perfectly. They&#39;re called BIG KRUSH, they hail from America The band is built around various session players and it&#39;s the brainchild of guitarist Bob Acquaviva. What Bob has done is assemble a stellar cast of musicans who&#39;ve recorded and album. A blend of bands such as Steely Dan, Air Supply, Neilson/Pearson and Bugatti &amp; Musker is whats on offer here. Lush vocal harmonies give way to some excellent musicianship that is prevalent throughout this album. How can this band go wrong? The Answer is , they can&#39;t ! One of the best Westcoast albums you&#39;ll hear this year. email at Rob Evens Power Play Magazine UK<br /><br />GLORY-DAZE <br />George Thatcher Editor<br /><br />BIG KRUSH - Bob F Acquaviva - guitars, vocals; Vince Cavo-vocals; Jerry Crimmins - vocals; Jose M. Lopez - vocals; Tim Mish - keyboards; Joe Restifo - bass, vocals; Lenny Milano - drums, percussion. Background: Here&#39;s a band from upstate New York that might tickle the fancy of may readers here. They are the seven-piece outfit Big Krush. These guys operate out off the East Coast but their music is influenced from the other side of the continent. L.A. styled west coast music is their game, with a nod to the likes of Toto, Chicago and Player. Big Krush is the mastermind of Bob Acquaviva, the band being in existance now for five years. Bob is also a producer and eng: by day at his acclaimed Acqrok Studios in Utica, NY. Trainspotters may know that Bob was also the Track Engineer on Boston&#39;s most recent release &#39;Corporate America&#39;. The Songs: The music of Big Krush has a very &#39;live&#39; and spontaneous feel to it, and they groove in much the way a club house band would. It also means that their live instincts come to the fore in the delivery of these songs . The band will do some local touring to coincide with the release. In the meantime, fans of West Coast (or East Coast for that matter!) should hop on over to the Big Krush website, and investigate for yourself. Review By: George Thatcher <br /><br />AOR FANZINE Unknown<br /><br />BIG KRUSH: Out of nowhere comes BIG KRUSH, an American band with a very strong calm AOR/Westcoast release like a mix between PABLO CRUISE/LITTLE RIVER BAND (the close-harmonyvocals), early 80s SANTANA, TOTO (the guitar work and song structures) and KING OF HEARTS (the light sound). Actually this CD is the most pure Westcoast release I have heard in ages. It is similar in style to the AOR project of Frederic Slama, ALLIANCE 1982 so I think you now know what to expect, namely a song based album with very melodic clean lead vocals in the TOTO/FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS style and songs a la DAVID ROBERTS, JAY GRUSKA and PLAYER, so the insiders then will understand we have something really interesting here. If anyone had told me this was a Japanese re-issue from a 1982 record I would have instantly believed it. In fact, after sitting with this album for a week I finally found out the absolute best comparison, which is not DAVID ROBERTS, but good ole JOHN O&#39;BANION, so if anyone out there likes his 1980s records, well then you&#39;re gonna love this BIG KRUSH for sure. This New York based band is without a doubt a must-have for the Westcoast/AOR fans!----------------

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