Blackstone River Band

About Blackstone River Band

George Lallier and H.V. Tyler are both unique, universal, seasoned musicians,

who both have music industry careers spanning over 35 yrs in the business,

as performing artists, studio musicians, songwriters, and producers, and own

JAG Productions, which is the mother-company to JAG Records, JAG Publishing,

and JAG Merchandising.


Semi-Retired, they spend their time writing, recording, and producing their music,

and occasionally perform at special events. Their love for music has inspired them

to take an interest in the development of many young artists of today, and are very

intrigued by the amount of talent which flows over the net.


George Lallier and H.V. Tyler, both play numerous instruments, and sing, and are

open to all styles and genres of music. Their main objective on this website, is to

enjoy music, share music, make friends, and network with other interested artists

and fans of music. Thank You for your interest in our music, and Thanks so much

for stopping by.  Peace !














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