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About Bob Diamond

Born on the Southside of Chicago

I started playing guitar with Sister Agatha Terese and the St. David School Band which gave me my ear but bored the hell out of me. Hence I stopped playing.

However when I moved to the Gage Park area close to my cousins, who kicked on guitar, I became interested in playing again and started going to  jam sessions at warehouses and funeral homes on the southside and jamed with some of the best at that time.

My first band was called Legend, for the short time we were together we rocked the southside. This became the start of my music career and these guys would be part of my whole life.

My first weekly gigging band would be Lane Changer with the former guitarist of Legend we were together for more than a decade and open for many big acts. This is where I learned how to entertain.

My first original band was American Made, we came very close to getting the Gold, but **** happens and it ended. So I retired once again.

As it always seems to go you start to get that itch and before you know it you're playing again.

My next band was called Before and After, which turned into Diamonds and Rust no reason to guess why.

Then I hooked up with old freind from Lane Changer and Legend and became Undaunted we had a great run with alot of success but **** happened again.

Currently I am with RYTE AZ RAIN, Matrix and jam at the river {Pats} with some really talented guys trying to find my roots and a purpose for my accomplishments.

I hope to see all of you in the future and want to thank my wife, kids, family, friends, and mother for all the support which put me where I am at today.


Bob Diamond



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