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Bossman JLC began producing his own music starting in 2004. He produces his own beats and lyrics. He’s always looking for artists to collaborate with. He’s always looking to change things up, work with artists, creating that sound that makes it one step above anything else you’ve heard.

His new lead single, “Baby by Me” is off of his new CD, “I’m So Cold”. It has a very cool beat, catchy lyrics, catchy rhythm and a nicely produced song. “Its theme equals baby making”, says Bossman. This song is a good representative of how Bossman’s music and ideals have grown since the release of “Killer Passion for Money” in 2007 and “Kings Amungst Kingz” in 2009. His mixing technique, recording technique and the entire sound in general has matured with age. Now on this new CD, Bossman JLC shows you how complex he really is.


Eminem, 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Lil Jon, Old School, & More

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