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From his days leading the cello and acoustic guitar folk/rock duo, Certainly Rough, to his time spent singing cover tunes for the Petty Thieves, Brandon Pfeiffer has definitely had no trouble doing what he does best. He’s spent countless hours playing pop, indie-rock, and tunes across the Midwestern United States, in addition to months spent in the studio writing, producing, recording & remixing nearly any genre imaginable. He’s been a songwriter for the last 15 years, a radio DJ for the last 12 years, and has run his own media production company for the last 5 years. After several short runs of acoustic and demo song collections, after producing and promoting records for several other artists, and after finally listening to the advice of friend (and drummer) Matt Jackson, Brandon Pfeiffer finally offers up his first full band solo studio album, Nothing Short of Now, produced by Don Chaffer (Waterdeep) and available now from Little America Records.