BROKEN HOURGLASS is a band trying to break the boundaries of music genres. The future is all about fusion. The powerhouse productions of Brian Powers, the ever flowing and thought provoking lyrics of J. Catalyst and the sutry melodic vocals of Tiffany Belle make this first album something to behold.

We all met in 2009.

At a saturday open mic showcase, Brian Powers first discovered J. Catalyst. Powers noticed Catalyst, when out of nowhere he grabbed a chair brought it to the middle of the dance floor and caught the attention of everyone in the room with his performance.
Shortly after that Powers and J. Catalyst met officially at a studio Powers was affiliated with. It was pure chemistry, Powers wanted to help J. Catalyst, with his solo project, and in return, J. Catalyst was to write a verse for a project he was working on.  It was only supposed to be a simple collaboration for one song, but it sparked the first pieces of Broken Hourglass.
Within weeks of getting to know one another the chemistry was so strong that they decided to become business partners and open up the official studio of Broken Hourglass. Shadow of Death was the first co-written song created, but there was something missing.
“ The song was missing a very important element, it was calling for another voice on the track, it needed a songbird for the hook.” Says J. Catalyst.
So the search began for the last piece of the puzzle, they posted an add with an online source. After going through three girls that just did not work out, they then stumbled upon the belle of the ball, Tiffany Belle that is. She happened to call Powers and she sang a sample over the phone. Powers invited her to the studio the next day. Belle made big impression in the studio and Powers and J. Catalyst ended up making her the last piece of Broken Hourglass.
The three share a common love of music. Powers has been creating beats and is fluent in piano and guitar for over 14 years. J. Catalyst has been writing for seven years, gaining respect in both spoken word and hip-hop worlds in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex. Tiffany Belle has been singing since childhood, rock and the blues have been her main loves until Broken Hourglass.

Stay tuned Broken Hourglass is just getting warmed up! and we're already working on album #2.