Carey Sims
About Carey Sims

Soul is an intangible, hard to grasp quality that many singers and musicians talk about, but few possess and even fewer deliver. Carey Sims has got it, hands down with the rare ability to unearth a musical and lyrical landscape. Simply stated, he can flat out sell a song. His whiskey-tinged baritone voice has been likened to early Paul Rodgers, Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen, while his talents as a songwriter have been compared to Jackson Browne, The Eagles, and Steve Earle. Carey first came to the attention of many in the Southeast United States as the singer/front man of the 90’s indie rock band Sound of Mine. The band signed with the Ohio based label High Chief, but disbanded in the late 90’s. In the subsequent years after Sound of Mine, Carey made a living as a studio musician and through picking the guitar back up, slowly began reconnecting with his Southern musical heritage. This led to the formation of Black Market Radio, a Charlotte, NC based quartet that on critic called “Radio Ready Carolina Alt-Country”. Black Market Radio parted ways in 2005 just after completing their freshman Cd Coffee and Second Hand Smoke A copy of “Coffee” made its way to the ears of renowned indie producer and NC Music icon, Don Dixon. With Don’s help, Carey assembled talent for his first solo project entitled Wheels. The cast included the Carolina-connected star power of Dixon, Jim Brock, Andy Seets, Mark Stallings, Audley Freed, and Jamie Hoover to name a few. Carey and Nashville producer/engineer, Jimmy Dulin, produced Wheels, which was released in February of 2007. The Cd has been hailed by on critic as “a perfect blend of melody and lyric of substance”. Another who is quite familiar with Carey’s musical journey stated it this way, “Sims’ 9 song CD presents a significant and remarkable leap of faith from this singer and songwriter already quite well known in this region. ... Sims has not only found his voice with this CD but owns it, brandishes it and honestly puts forth his musical narrative with rare candor and intensity while remaining casually personable. Quite a combination.” Sims’ great strength as a charismatic performer coupled with his honest, introspective songwriting style; seem to have him poised to make an impassioned statement resonating through the musical community and to audiences alike.

Steve Earle, Jackson Browne, Bob Segar, John Mellencamp