About Chapa

"It is nearly impossible to describe the music with precision, mixing percussion, cello, organ and guitar to carefully crafted stories. Chapa's sound is reminiscent of the experimental Vinyl's of the 70's, such as Silver Mt. Zion, with his aerial quotations that are falsely minimalist."












Chapa... A Los Angeles-based musical collective centered around the songs, stories, and vision of Lou Lewis.This project brings together a diverse group of musicians from around the country. The end result is a beautifully blended mixture of classical instrumentation, modern grooves, and timeless stories. A sound best described as Experimental Folk.

The band consists of 5 individuals that play a multitude of instruments, such as, cello, oboe, english horn, pots and pans, vibes, bass clarinet, flutes, saxes, piano, talking drum, glasses, suling, etc… 

"Chapa delivers us a Music very well put together and completely Zen."

--Eric Cambray June 06, 2005 --