About chonalucky7

Shawny Christina Hargrove aka Chona Lucky 7. Chona was born and raised in North Carolina. As a little girl Chona would listen to all types of music. Hip hop, R&B, Rap, Rock, Reggae, and Salsa etc. Chona's father was a drummer and her uncles from her father side played guitar. When Chona was five, Chona's father introduced her to the guitar, and then at the age of ten, she started reading music. Chona would write songs all the time. At home, school, and even on the school bus.
Durening her second year in high school, she received a call from a performing art school located in Connecticut. The name of the school was Cooperative Arts High school. She left home when she was fifteen. Chona started recording in her cousin's studio and dropped her first mixtape. The single Trouble and Give me that money was the peoples favorite, not only because she was a female rapper/singer but because of her age and talent.
"My Mother always told me when you get a job, get a job that you enjoy and look forward to waking up to everyday" says Chona. "Music is my job, my life, and my husband. I would sacrifice everything for the chance in the music industry. I put a lot of time in this and I love it! "