Chris DiSalvatore

About Chris DiSalvatore

Chris began playing guitar in 1974, when he dug his brother's electric guitar out of the cellar of his home, purchased a chord book and strings from a local music store, and started teaching himself. Since he had such a passion for playing, he played for several hours a day for years, learning favorite songs and writing his own. Chris has sung and played lead and rhythm guitar for various garage bands over the years, while accumulating his own original music along the way. While in college studying to be a mechanical engineer, Chris developed an interest in philosophy and the occult, which eventually led him to a fascination with Atlantis. Then, in 1994, it occurred to him that it might be a cool idea to write an album on this theme. He then began to organize his existing original music with the intention to record songs consistent with the story of Atlantis. When his engineering career led him to Florida in 1997, Chris decided to locate a recording studio to start professionally recording his music. Then, in January of 1998, he teamed up with guitarist Chris Hattingh and began production on Atlantis. The two artists spent many painstaking hours in the studio developing and polishing the project, and the end result was a fully orchestrated production of the work. The final product, "Atlantis", essentially takes you on a journey from the rise of the Atlantean culture, through its downfall. and finally to the great Deluge. Chris drew the music for Atlantis from an archive of over 20 years of accumulated song writing. The diversity of this production represents a unique blend of a classic rock style mixed with an alternative sound truly unlike any other production today. Chris's primary influences include Neil Young, Joe Walsh, Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Chicago, Pink Floyd and The Moody Blues. You can find out more information, including reviews of Chris's CD's, at his homepage:


Moody Blues, Pink Floyd