About Colagirl

:angel: ------x-- :devil: Born and raised South Side Chicago..... Attended Byrne School near 55th and Rutherford until grade 5. Then UnStAbLe ever since...... After many years of moving, Springfield, Robinson, SSChicago(again), Burbank, Willow Springs, and Worth, where I graduated from Shephard H.S.,I finally was old enough to leave the house and stay in one place. Which only led to marriage and, Little Village, Bolingbrook and finally Joliet. I am currently a full time graphic artist and prepress manager. I also freelance (business cards, wedding invitations, paint wall murals, design band posters etc...) I have three kids ages 13-17, and have been married for 18 years most all of them happily.(HA HA) I enjoy rock music, always have, and in high school I was in concert band as well as marching band where I was a drummer. Learned most of the percussion family there. Got music in my blood early thanks to my older siblings. My brother is a guitarist and I was always captivated at his self taught skills. He now lives far away in Florida, where he calls me and plays guitar over the phone to me. My other inspiration was my oldest sister. She a percussionist too. Right now I am trying to be inspired to make a spare room in my house my official artist's studio, and also make a move and buy a drum kit. I dig music live, there is something about off the cuff performances, something new every time, even if it's the same song I've heard a band play a thousand times before.