courtney Harris

About courtney Harris


23 year old Courtn’ey who is a native of Jacksonville, Florida is currently hard at work fulfilling her dreams to make it to the top of the music industry.  Courtn’ey realized that her dream was to become “a big star.”  Inspired by other Divas such as Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige, Courtn’ey took advantage of every opportunity, from the living room to the stage to the sound studio to sing her heart out. 


Her potential grew while in high school as she effortlessly made the cut for elite singing groups which further honed her abilities through a wide spectrum of musical styles including classical training in Chamber and Consort Choir.  Courtn’ey abilities as a singer, songwriter and dancer were demonstrated as she won multiple talent competitions.  She is in high demand among her local circles and all of those who know her and have been entranced by her voice are convinced that it is only a matter of time before Courtn’ey will be in high demand across the globe.  Her creativity extends much further than just her beautiful voice. One of the most attractive qualities this young artist possesses is a sense of level headed humility with a realistic perspective on what true star quality is all about. 


                       Blow Out Records presents… Courtn’ey debut album “Feelin Like This” which features songs that she has written from her life and love experiences. Featured  tracks “Motivation”; “Never Go Back”; “Tell Me This” and “Girl Like Me” are heart felt romantic songs that can make a man sit and think on how to treat his mate.   Look out world Courtn’ey is hot on the heels of this generation’s most popular artists.


Tracks: (1) MOTIVATION

             (2) NEVER GO BACK

             (3) TELL ME THIS

             (4) GIRL LIKE ME



mariah carey, mary J.B, whitney Houston