About Curtis

"Out of the Shell" is the fourth CD release from the instrumental trio Curtis, featuring Curtis Fornadley on Guitar, Rob Chismar on drums and Dave Hill on bass. Curtis Fornadley was a finalist in Guitar Player Magazines Guitar Hero 2007 competition and received rave reviews by celebrity judges after performing the title track from “Out of the Shell”. This performance can be view at The music of Curtis is unique; blending instrumental rock, jazz and surf. Each tune is different from the next, yet there is a common thread that ties them all together: the balance between composition, soulful playing and virtuosity. The guitar is front and center, but the variety of tones and styles allow it to be enjoyed by people other than guitar players. For reviews and audio samples visit: Curtis released their fourth CD titled "Out of the Shell" in January 2008. Other releases include: "Blue Electric Cool" (2005) - In October 2006 "Blue Electric Cool" was nominated for Instrumental Rock Album of the year by "Room 137" (2001) "demonstrate the guitarist's impressive skills both as a guitar stylist and composer" (20th Century Guitar). "Curtis" (1998) Curtis has great musicianship AND great tunes. Their live show is very entertaining and includes projected video in sync with the music.


Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughn