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Demetrios was born in Athens, Greece / European Union.He originates from a village named St. George (ancient Coronia) in Boeotia which lies to the north of Helicon mountain the land of the ancient Muses and to the east of mountain Parnassus the land of the golden haired Sun God Apollo and his sacred temple of Delphi.

In 1986, at the age of 17, Demetrios first album was released by Polygram. Titled "Dorians, Return to Earth", it is an instrumental album greek and classic in genre, orchestrated and rhythmically compiled with vivid european rock music tempos in an original epic style. That same year The Greek Lions awarded Demetrios best young composer.

In 1989 Demetrios founded the group "The Exiles". EMI released their self-titled debut album. "The Exiles" is an album of forceful epic music, combining medieval sounds and greek/european harmonies with strong heavy metal rhythms. In 1992 the song "I make a wish" was included in the collective CD/LP project called "Classic Metal Ballads" and went platinum with over 60.000 copies sold in Greece.

The albums "Nineteen" and "Redeemer" followed in 1991 and 1993 respectively. Classic hard rock in style, these albums were released by HARVEST EMI.

Faithful to this kind of music, Demetrios continued composing and recording and in 1996 Harvest EMI also released his CD "Night on The Murs". This instrumental album also contained english verses, and clearly demonstrated Demetrios' love for the cinematic and TV sound. The music contained in "Night On The Murs" remains ideal for movies and documentary films.

In 1997 Harvest EMI issued "Demetri's Collection" and in the summer of 1998 released a new recording project titled "The Best's Generation", a melodic rock anthem to the Ancestors.

The year 2000 saw the release of "The Blazing March, from Genesis to Europe" by Virgin Classics. An epic symphony "The Blazing March" contains narrations & operatic chorus vocals. The lyrics were written by Kostas K. Katis, Demetrios' father. Demetrios was warmly congratulated by many academics, rectors, known scientists and statesmen for the content of this album. In April 2001, the "Blazing March, from Genesis to Europe" was presented to the official hall of Journalist's Union at the Athens Daily newspaper and the president of the Greek Parliament, Mr. Kaklamanis, publicly acclaimed Demetrios for his work. Demetrios was warmly congratulated by one of the most reputable contemporary philosophers of Athens and of the Research Center of Greek Philosophy, Dr. Evangelos Moutsopoulos PHD.

The board of directors of the educational institute unanimously approved Demetris' "Blazing March" to be included as part of the high school curriculum in music.

Demetrios has also hosted his own TV shows (Metal Mania & Star Club), on ET1 & NET greek television, produced and presented the programme "Music, Human & Landscape" on "Tele City" and collaborated with "Apogevmatini publications", an evening newspaper in Athens, as historian and art / music editor for the past 14 years. As a journalist-member of the European & the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Demetrios has received glowing critiques by professors and journalists in Greece, throughout Europe and abroad for his series of articles.

Currently Demetrios produces & presents his own radio programme : "The Dance of the Danans" on "Athens 9.84 FM". Demetrios Katis also continues to work with major Film music libraries and many of his compositions have been published in London, the U.K. and Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Dennis Music Ltd., distributors to the major music libraries of the world. Many of Demetrios' other instrumental compositions are published in Toronto, Canada by Lakefield & Clotille publishing and released by Kool Music. His world/ ethnic music tracks are published by Grand Cypress Publishing & released on cd by ABACO / ProMusic library productions in Boca Raton, Florida and Los Angeles, USA. Demetrios also works as a composer with Atlanta Music Group in Georgia, USA.

Most recently (2005) Demetrios penned a deal with Christopher Devereaux of Devereaux Film Productions to compose the original soundtrack motion picture score for the film "Bronze And Blood". A multi-million dollar production, Bronze And Blood begins production in June 2005 on location in Ireland.

2005 also saw the release of Demetrios most recent musical work, the CD "Europe Hymn and Duty", featuring the lyrics of Kostas K. Katis, James Edwards on vocals and Joe Lamachia as narrator. "Europe Hymn and Duty" is an epic musical tribute to the historic course of United Europe.

Demetris is the founder of the band Exoristoi and most recently signed with Sonic Age Records for the release 'Wrath of Zeus' Epic Rock tunes.

ERM media based in Chicago has released this year of 2006 a Demetrios's EPIC orchestral track called 'Arrogance and Fear' performed by the KIEV's philarmonic orchestra.

Demetrios is a member of AEPI (member of Cisac), FMN (Film Music Network) and ACF (American Composers Forum). Demetrios is officially represented by Anthony J. Messina of American Artists Entertainment, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, Charlotte Hannon of Atlanta Music Group, Atlanta Georgia, Gene Foley of Foley Entertainment, New York & Sylvie Harris of AlphaMusicGroup, New York


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user image 2007-04-13
By: Demetrios Katis
Posted in:

Real Epic Dynamic instrumental / orchestral music. Powerful Dramatic Epic scores of Historical &amp; Mythological adventures, fiction and fantasy. <p>Perhaps this music of mine brings to mind a diffused colourful description of heavy weight images and a feeling of a grieved heroism which lies back there in the ancient &amp; medieval anguished times blended with the melancholy of a poet promenader. The fair light which is sourced from the woods of springs reedems a forlorn promise and penetrates the dark fear of the unknown. </p><p>Love and passion placed in an epic saga, past and contemporary wandering knights against distorted truth, barbarian tribes and delusions of grandeur. Medieval Castles and temples, ancient warriors, kings &amp; queens, glory and romance, lost worlds, space encounters and the endless agony of searching for alien life in the relativity of the Universe. Also daily cases &amp; situations of simple people may suddenly be transformed in an epic gigantic unexpected story.All these matters and others can be covered by this music as well. </p><p>&quot;Real Epic&quot; also describes the heroes just like the American defenders of Alamo (&quot;Gallant Defender) and the ancient Greek defenders of Thermopylae (August 480 B.C.), moreover the epic saga of the pre-celtic &quot;battle of Moy Tura&quot; and the close historical connection between the ancient Greeks-Romans and the Irish, Welsh &amp; Scottish people back at a strange mysterious era, depicted thru the track of &quot;Isles of the Dannan&quot; . &quot;The Siege of Yorktown&quot; is about the great American revolution, and &quot;The Loss of the Heroes&quot; is exclusively dedicated to the memory of the heroic &amp; brave crew of the the space shuttle Columbia. Glory and Honor for the last Anglo-Saxon king Harold II. </p><p>&quot;Real Epic&quot; cd could be promotional treated as a power classic rock or metal music material though has nothing to do with that kind of music, only because it can cause strong sentiments, additionally with its pictorial-film mood and classical flavour. A Show with Epic Mood, Myths and Orchestral music, and a bit of philosophy, filtered highly commercially, can be pesented as a film soundtrack on stage. Historical and Mythological themes surrounded by technical scenes, interstitial narrations by actor(s), and maybe a few strong acts professionally directed to boost the project. Different mix arranged for the shows, Symphonic sound joined with rock band insertions. </p><p>Just only imagine this music adventure performed on Stage!!! An ideal music score for your epic music fantasy and motion picture Demetrios Katis.- </p><p>REVIEWS including BUD CARR&#39;s (Oliver Stones&#39;s Music supervisor): </p><p>Right on the money </p><p>&quot;Demetrios - Right on the money (or drachma) ! Three strong, convincing pieces that carry just the right amount of musical Russell Crowe (noble, brave and prone to getting into a fight) for this purpose. You&#39;ve hit the target with your bow, musket and cannon. Excellent work ! Track Gallant Defender&quot;, the sound of epic nobility, right from the start, great job ! Track &quot;The Gathering of the Tribes&quot;. Another dramatic entrance. Cool use of gongs for flourishes. Subtle male voices add a nice dimension. Time to put on my chain mail and fight ! Demetrios, your thematic ideas are strong and clear. Track &quot;Arrogance and Fear&quot; is strong and dynamic piece. Good sectional contrast and thematic development. Creates strong and clear mood.&quot; </p><p>-- TAXI A&amp;R Department - Calabasas CA, USA </p><p>Oliver Stone </p><p>Dear Demetrios, I am the music supervisor on Oliver Stones films, I like your music. </p><p>--Budd Carr - Hollywood </p><p>Epic Sound </p><p>Hi Demetris, your epic sounding cds are great. Best, Ron </p><p>--Ron Proulx - ARPIX MEDIA INC. - Toronto, Canada </p><p>Excellent Music </p><p>Dear Demetrios Your music is excellent and very moving, keep on trying--you are very good. </p><p>--Bob Rice FBI Four Bars Entertainment - Campell, CA USA </p><p>An Epic Symphony </p><p>&quot;Having had the privilege of hearing Demetris&#39; earlier release &quot;The Blazing March.....From Genesis To Europe&quot; an epic symphony, my expectations were quite high on receiving his new CD compilation &quot;Gallant Defender.&quot; I was not disappointed. Although not a symphony of such epic proportions as &quot;Blazing March&quot; it was as we might expect from a composer of Demetris&#39; stature, a composition of very well crafted dramatic works. Graced with attractive melodies, each piece stands alone as a dramatic composition yet still the underlying dynamics of struggle, war, tragedy, heroism, and rebirth can be found in each, thus tying the whole together. Vigorous, and exhilarating are some of the first words that spring to mind as we can almost feel the call to arms and the gathering of the clan in the opening salvo&#39;s. There is a logical musical progression here, realistically capturing the tension, and as it builds, we are transported to another place, another century, and yet at the same time we remain aware of the prevalent struggle occurring on a parallel in our own times. The rite of passage from warfare to sad loss to hope is flawlessly traversed, and while the compilation in general is directed at the dawning of a new era in ancient times it could quite easily be adapted to any country, any struggle, any rebirth in the modern world. This is quite apparent when listening to the poignant &quot;Fallen Hero&#39;s&quot; piece, dedicated to the crew of the space shuttle Columbia. The sound quality is excellent, and quite superb considering it is primarily digitally recorded by Demetris himself. I am quite curious as to what keyboard instrument(s) he used to so realistically capture certain orchestral instruments. On the overall I found the whole experience to be intellectually rewarding and the musical journey itself very satisfying indeed.&quot; </p><p>--Charlotte Hannon - Atlanta Music Group - Marietta, Georgia USA </p><p>A Man of Passion </p><p>&quot;Demetris is a man of passion, and music is his passion. As a person he is positive, sincere and cheerful, yet his music can be mysterious, haunting and enchanting. His soul and his spirit soar with the mystical characters of old, and it is easy to get carried away by his melodies.&quot; </p><p>--Ted Johnson - KOOL MUSIC - Toronto, Canada </p><p>Great Composer </p><p>&quot;Dear Demetrios, I am so happy for you about this project (Bronze &amp; Blood, motion picture). You are a great composer and you deserve all the success you achieve. Keep the good work - it makes a difference to the world. Please keep me up to date on all your developments. - Yours James.&quot; </p><p>--James A. D. Edwards - Tenor, English National Opera </p><p>Amazing Talent </p><p>&quot;Demetrios Katis is an amazing talent that continously creates memorable and provocative music. His dramatic material effortlessly combines passion and power with amazing chops. Demetrios is clearly one of the world&#39;s best modern composers in his genre.&quot; </p><p>--Gene Foley - Foley Entertainment, Inc.</p>

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