About DemianBand

Demian Dominguez is the most promising Blues guitarist/singer to ever emerge from the Latin American, and Spanish cultures. Demian’s musicianship sounds so authentically Blues that you would think Demian to be a native of the Southern United States, rather than his native Argentina and current home in Barcelona, Spain.

Currently, Demian is releasing in the United States and in Europe, his second CD entitled "Devil By My Side" featuring world renowned Bernard Allison along with Demianband. "Devil By My Side" will be promoted on radio and press internationally with a major impetus in the United States.

Demian cultivated his artistry while covering the Buenos Aires scene with his trio, and he shared the stage with well-known Argentine musicians, such as, Alejandro Lerner, Ricardo Mollo (Divididos), Pappo, Jorge Pinchevsky, Emphis la blusera, Willi Quiroga (Vox Dei), Alejandro Medina (Manal), Hector Starc, Walter Sidotti drums of de "Patricio Rey y los Redonditos de Ricotta"), and others.

In 1996 the Teatro General San Martin de Buenos Aires awarded Demian a certificate for the "Promotion of and Continuation of the Blues." In 1997, MTV aired a 60 minute special entitled "MTV Outside," in which Demian was involved. He was then invited to the Argentine Exposicion "Nacional Rock 30 Years" where he was part of a band promoting on television the "Toyota Hilux". He was invited to participate in the festivities of the 6th anniversary of the famed radio program of "Rock & Pop" "Buenos Aires Blues", playing along with well-known Argentine musicians such as, Pappo, Ricardo Mollo (Divididos), Juanse (Ratones Paranoicos), Maximo Pera Renauld, Rafael Nasta, Miguel Botafogo y Black Amaya.

Demian recorded his first CD entitled "Furia" in 1998 in Buenos Aires. "Furia" was aired on "Radio Nacional" of Argentina in a live broadcast throughout the entire country. In 2000 he recorded his second CD, "Heavy Blues" which was promoted throughout Argentina. In 2002, Demian moved to Barcelona, Spain where he re-formed Demianband. The band plays the circuit of clubs and bars and was invited to play in the "Festa de la Merce", "S.O.S Racisme" and blues festivals such as Reus, "Black Music" (Girona), Barcelona, Manresa, Cerdanyola and others while being a member of the Blues Society of Barcelona.

In 2005, Demian recored his third CD, "Bull Blues" which was released by Amphora Records. The musicians appearing with Demian on the album are Tito Bonacera on bass and harmonica, Dannyman Navarro on drums, and the invited guests were Luciano Matias on piano and Xavi Reija on drums. During both 2005 and 2006, Demian appeared often with Elliot Murphy and with Bernard Allison. In 2007 Demian Band recorded a DVD which was produced by Bad Music and the Barcelona Blues Society, in the legendary Sala Apolo de Barcelona.

Most recently in February, 2008 Demian Band just completed a tour featuring Lucia del Campo on Hammond B3 and bass, and Gustavo Segura on drums. The tour took the group to different cities in Germany where they advanced their new CD and where they recorded a live DVD in the club, Music Star.

One of the most special times in Demian’s career was when Bernard Allison – one of the most brilliant guitar players in the world blues music scene -- invited him to Karlsruhe, Germany, to perform with him. During the performance Bernard Allison pointed out to the audience how beautifully Demian had interpreted the music.

Now the tables have turned, and Bernard Allison appears on Demian’s new CD, "Devil Bu My Side" which also features Demian Dominguez along with Tito Bonacera on bass, Roger Serrahima on drums and Fernando Tejero on Hammond B3 and piano. The CD is schedule for international release in the Fall of 2008.