Dimitri Lozovoy

About Dimitri Lozovoy

I was always fond of catchy melodies and sentimental musical expression. I started writing music on my computer when I was 14. Like most teenagers, I fell hopelessly in love a couple of times, and at the age of 16 I bought an electric guitar out of an almost unbearable necessity to express myself.

At 21 I pulled myself together and released an album of 10 of my best songs at the time. And even though it was praised by many, it wasn't quite "rock", and it didn't sound "edgy" and "cool." So I gave up on promoting it. I tried to add more distorted guitar and heavy drums to my music. I tried to force myself to write about things other than love. But in the end, I always found myself back in the grips of melody and feelings.

To add to my troubles, shortly before the album was finished, I suffereed a work inury that has left my hands in pain and me unable to play any instrument. I was in despair and convinced that I would never be able to play music again. But through careful exercise, things got better. Then I discovered Bachata (traditional music from Dominican Republic) and my life changed again. Bachata helped me realize that even in today's world, music doesn't necessarily have to be distorted and loud in order to find a way to the audience. I was free to create again.

Around age 23 I decided that in order to fully understand music, I must study music formally and learn the piano. I followed through by taking several music theory courses in college. Now, besides guitar, keyboard and drums, my instruments of choice include accordion, trumpet, bongos and balalaika. My new and old music is now available for instant streaming and download at <a href="http://www.dimitrilozovoy.com">http://www.dimitrilozovoy.com</a>.


Jellyfish, Jon Brion, Wondermints, Juan Luis Guerra