About D.O.E.

Emerging bright amongst the next generation of shining stars is artists, D.O.E.  (The Dominator of Expression).  This young man from Columbus, Ohio, is a leading factor to give hip-hop and R&B what it has been missing.  His sound sets itself apart from the others with clever melodies and catchy hooks.  At such a young age, Dorian already has his sights set on success.

 A natural born performer, at the age of 8 D.O.E. began writing and performing his own rap songs.  D.O.E., is a gifted actor, performer and rapper in his own right.  Following in the footsteps of his father, D.O.E. learned to play several instruments beginning with the drums and moving on to the bass and keyboards.  D.O.E. did not stop there, at age 12; he would go to different studios around the county, (with his father), during the summer school break, where he learned how to engineer.  D.O.E. has had the opportunity to sit in on several major recording sessions.  His most memorable was in Cleveland, Ohio meeting producer Edwin “Tony” Nicholas.   D.O.E. learned many techniques about engineering as well as production.  By age 13, D.O.E. was composing, producing and mixing his own material.  He has compiled several hundred songs, selling his own records at various clubs and stores in Columbus, Ohio.  This entrepreneur understands the business of music as well as the business of making music.   


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