Doug Strock

About Doug Strock

Doug Strock was raised in Boston and Martha's Vineyard. He holds degrees from Columbia and Yale where he majored in Russian. His fluency in Russian led to a position with the US-USSR Trade and Economic Council where he was liaison for fortune 200 CEO's and corresponding Russian ministers. During these years, Strock continued a life-long study of jazz piano, including private lessons with John Mehegan, the first teacher of improvisation at Juilliard. And promisingly, an early Strock performance was at a small birthday gathering for Leonard Bernstein. Gradually realizing the personal importance of his music, Strock decided to devote himself full-time to piano. His new existence involved separation from friends and a hardship-cleansing which allowed the birth of a special piano sound. This sensual, fragile yet unsyrupy music consists of beloved melodies and original compositions played with a freshness which beckons for repeat-listening.