About D.W.C

Down In The Swamp. was found another group DWC they all have talent but they say that waycross was a ruff city cause people all ways gettin killed or shot at so they wanted to start making music music that people would love to hear the first song was a hit song to there city beat it up then came dont hate they are currently still dropping tracks now. there DJ Is Tron the Bear a dj that discoverd this talent we beleive if some one have dreams you sappose to follow your dreams never give up cause givin up on your dreams mean you giving up on talent some people dont make it in rap exspecially in a small city its take a while to get a record deal in a small city. In waycross there is another group that is exciting to evryone and make good music the sega boys they got sign with earthquakes records. i would’nt say that DWC an S.E.GA boys are similar but they came out the same city so they would know how ruff it is. DWC Still have a lot of projects to come oa alot of shows to do you might see them in your city one day. maybe next year they will be in the Ga. day an perform but they are trying to make there fisrt video dont hate hopefully they will get the right person to shoot that video but till then every one has dreams an every one has haterz dont let any haters stop you from following your dreams real talk.


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