About Eniqo


Creativity is the quality or ability to create or invent something; originality. Eniqo epitomizes this definition. Her collaboration of personalities, styles, talents … and limitless perception makes her an artist of phenomenal character. Having shared the struggles of being a dreamer, being ambitious, and being herself even, she is more than qualified to give the world a bit of her truth. The soul-stirring tones of her voice and the quenching nature of her lyrics, leave you affected beyond description. The southern twang in her delivery indicates her roots … She was born December 16, 1976 in Monroe, Louisiana. It was in the midst of narrow streets, canal ditches and mossy trees where Amy Nicole Edmonds first began to see the world. During the middle years of grade school, she and her mother moved to Dallas, Texas. It was here, years later, when Amy began to take to stages as Eniqo and pursue a career in music.


I take influence from all music