About Fo-Realla-Clique

LA based Hip Hop Rap group Fo Realla Clique to Release Debut with "Close Your Eyes And Imagine" Fo- Realla-Clique signed to MJW Music Group steps onto the scene for their first live performance. Their 15 song collection will be released in January 2007, showcasing an appealing original style that bridges the simplicity of old school with today's current sound. Michael Wofford 18, also known as Latter-Born has a unique arranging style and being a musician has the ability not only to arrange songs that have great hooks, but also plays several instruments to create a fresh new Hip Hop sound. Michael Wofford born in Pasadena Ca. began playing instruments at the age of seven. He spent his early years playing drums and the piano at The Old Town Pasadena Conservatory of Music. As his musical skills developed he realized his passion for hip hop and began to produce music that would soon evolve into Fo Realla Clique. Nathanael Johnson, also known as Nate came onto the scene in early 2006 and Fo Real la clique was born. It was evident right from the start for Nathanael and Michael that they formed a unique team of skill, emotion, and a Message To Give, which is also a track off of their Debut project "Close Your Eyes Imagine". Nathanael Johnson 18 resides in West Covina Ca. He started writing poetry as a means of expressing himself and soon realized that the poetry was also musical. His style of writing comes from life experience which allows his audience to quickly connect to his vibe. For music samples go to: For Further information or booking contact Joann Wofford at 626-918-8434