my real name is RASHEEM PIERCE.I WAS BORN 4-7-86.I come from the streets. when I say the streets. I mean the streets. Most of my childhood I was stuck in the system. No not jail but the system! You know placment ,shelters ,foster care & so on. I really seen the bottom. Most of my family was caught up in the streets. Using, selling drugs or just stuck looking for love. I lived in every part of Philadelphia. I went to berny elementary on broad & Logan .then moving to south Philly. I attended Childs elementary on 17th tasker. Then I moved to southwest & attended Mitchell. I found a home in southwest. A place where I could do my dirt & I had friends to back me. I never had that in north phillY because I lived in shelters. So everyone was out to get you. In south Philly I was broke & I looked broke so everyone teased me. I got into a lot of fights & a lot of trouble. I began to like trouble. I got a laugh out of it & it always seemed to get me respect. I had balls to do a lot of stuff others wouldn’t. I then graduated to tilden middle school. I had a whole lot of friends because of my style. Not saying because I was the **** but I had this swag like everybody going to know my name! I remember like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the back of the class with a couple of friends & one of them was writing a rap. I use to always write poetry. So he convinced me to trying rap. Right now if I was to spit that **** u would laugh at me but back then niggaz was like that **** hot. So it stuck with me. Now it started becoming part of my daily life. I then found that I had a passion for writing all around. I was very creative. A lot of my teachers started forcing me to write speeches & participate in political debates. I never admitted it but I kind of liked the ****. me & the person that had put me on to rap had started a group together. He was pies & I was ace. I later changed my name to gambeno. then to gambit. I even had a chain with a hand with cards in it. My friends use to always **** with me about it & in battles it stuck out as something to target. It was something about gam that I liked. Its like it just fit me. So I rolled with that. My partner ended up getting lock up & we lost contact. Which left me! I kept on going. I use to have this boom box with a record button. It had a built in mic.I played the beat through another stereo. this was before cds was thought of. I use to record with that until I got my first karaoke for Christmas. My mom boyfriend at the time use to always freestyle. He was alright but you know the **** who like to just get high & rap. He wasn’t serious but his best friend on the other hand use to come over and he was crazy with it! Like u cant eat until u write a rap. He was hot with it at the time to me. I learned a lot from him also. I use to freestyle for blocks going everywhere the store, school, wherever. I was nice with it. I had this guy who use to cut my hair at my house until he finally got a chair set up in his basement. His name was gauna SIMMs. r.I.p. I would always bring around my tapes of me and my partner before he got locked up. He would talk **** like you cant rap. You not hot. Let me dub that!lol everything my partner had taught me about rap. I thought my cousin. How to count my bars & catch the beat. So then me & him started rapping together.gam & class. G.n.c. **** live well!lol that was are saying. I kept bringing gauna tapes until he finally started talking bout forming a group. Better yet a entertainment company. It was called close shop. It never became legit. we was just going to the studio a lot making cds. I began getting board with rap because it wasn’t going nowhere. I remember calling up the radio station one day. Jay z was on there & I had about 2 minutes to talk with him. I asked two important questions at the time. Both of them was just advice. I told him what I was going thru with my manager & he told me. He don’t care who he is my dad uncle brother who ever. If he’s stopping you from getting where you need to go keep it moving.I stayed close to gauna though because I knew him for so long & he was the first one to really have faith in me. I then asked him what was the best way for a artist to come out now & days but you have to wait for that. As a matter of fact you have to wait on the book & album for the rest! lol see why I stopped rapping! all of the trails & tribulations. HOW I GOT THE NAME GANGWAR! how I hooked up wit brick breezy. how I started producing. why I’m now a solo artist & why I started rapping again. Gam gangwar I’m back