About Hypnogaja

<strong><p>Jason Arnold (ShyBoy) - Lead Vocals<br />Mark Nubar Donikian - Piano, Backing Vocals<br />Jeeve - Guitar, Bass<br />Tim Groeschel - Guitar, Bass<br />Adrian Barnardo - Drums, Percussion</p></strong><p>&quot;First-rate modern rock.&quot; -<strong><em>OUTBURN</em></strong><br />&quot;Metal that pushes boundaries.&quot; -<strong><em>DENVER POST</em></strong><br />&quot;A band with great energy, depth and talent.&quot; -<strong><em>BEHIND THE BEAT</em></strong></p><p><a href="http://www.myspace.com/hypnogaja"><strong><u><font color="#0000ff">Hypnogaja</font></u></strong></a>&#39;s commitment to making honest, lasting music is evident in its rich history and constant evolution. Fueled by lyrically compelling songs, dynamic arrangements and soaring, melodic vocals, the Los Angeles based quintet has toured the U.S. extensively, sharing stages with the likes of <strong>311</strong>, <strong>Shinedown</strong> and <strong>Cold</strong>, among others. Their music has been featured in hit films and TV shows such as <strong>NBC</strong>&#39;s <strong><em>Las Vegas</em></strong>, <strong>CW</strong>&#39;s <strong><em>America&#39;s Next Top Model</em></strong>, <strong>Touchstone</strong>&#39;s <strong><em>Cold Creek Manor</em></strong>, and many more.</p><strong><em><p><a href="http://www.cdbaby.com/hypnogaja4"><strong><em><u><font color="#0000ff">Below Sunset</font></u></em></strong></a>, the band&#39;s latest studio album, praised by <strong>Outburn Magazine</strong> as &quot;enthralling, first-rate modern rock,&quot; ranges in style from bracing hard rock to quiet piano ballads with a thread of symphonic elements and atmospheric electronics inherent throughout. The group&#39;s newest release, <a href="http://www.cdbaby.com/hypnogaja5"><strong><em><u><font color="#0000ff">Acoustic Sunset - Live at the Longhouse</font></u></em></strong></a> (produced by <a href="http://www.myspace.com/wendywaldman"><strong><u><font color="#0000ff">Wendy Waldman</font></u></strong></a>), contains 12 stripped-down live performances plus the brand new studio track, <strong>&quot;I&#39;m Not One Of You.&quot;</strong> The record&#39;s intimate setting and adventurous arrangements allow the Hypnogaja&#39;s carefully crafted songs to shine brightly.</p></em></strong>