About J L J
<p>Jeff J. L. J Jefferson is from Houston Tx and got into the underground rap scene about 5 years ago when he and his good friend D SHEEZY teamed up and formed E-LETE ARTIST RECORDS. Together they recorded their first mix cd in the streets of H-TOWN titled HOT **** vol. 1 and have been performing and recording music every since. J. L. J is a highly skilled lyricist who is surely to be at the top of the list amongst the best known artist in hip hop. He is destined to be the voice of Houston and strives to keep quality and good substance alive within the market for both down south music and the industry as a whole. Raising up out the gritty streets of northside Houston J. L. J spits rhymes that are down to earth in nature and he always has realness great delivery and songs that anyone of any age can relate to. The new mix cd 4 DA HOOD is his debut underground smash that displays incredible hardcore lyrics for the streets. The mix cd is the introduction of the original debut album from J. L. J that is bound to make noise and create an exiting buzz that the city of Houston has been missing. Everyone in the south and all over the world will be able to say there is still some great rap music out there after hearing the wonderful lyrics and song quality of this E-LETE ARTIST.</p><p>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p>J. L. J is an underground hip hop/rap artist from Houston tx with goals and ambitions of bringing the world of hip hop outstanding quality music that represents the future of rap. You can check out J. L. J's thoughts and views by visiting: <a href="http://www.jljhiphopmusic.com">www.jljhiphopmusic.com</a></p><p>HOLIDAY SPECIAL -- Get J. L. J's new album "Stay Focused" now for a special discounted price of only $6.99, or purchase single song downloads from the album for only $0.50 thru December 26th online at <a href="http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jlj">cd baby.</a></p>
2 Pac, Nelly, Drake, B.O.B