John Hickman

About John Hickman

<p><strong>Solo Artist - Singer/songwriter</strong></p><p>I perform all vocals and also all instruments featured in my songs. I play acoustic and electric guitars and keyboards,but the bass and drums are MIDI interface generated through keyboards.</p><p>I have a day job so I can't put as much time into this as I would like, but I am serious about persuing musical endeavors and getting exposure for my songs. Also would perhaps be interested in joining and collaborating with other musicians at some point in the future.</p><p>Hard to say what other artists that my music sounds like. There's influences that I have, but I can't think of exactly who it might be similar to. But then I don't want it to sound exactly like someone else anyway. I guess it's folk rock. Some songs are folk/acoustic at the core, but then build up to a point where they rock out. Some are more mellow and just plain folk. And there are a few that just plain rock from the start. Hopefully I can gain insight from listeners on better ways to describe the music and make updates here in the future.</p>


U2, John Lennon, Green Day, Coldplay, Neil Young