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<p>With a rare combination of tenderness and outrage, singer/songwriter Josh Aran awakens the complacent while rejuvenating the weary. His new album Water to Wash Water Away draws deep from the wells of inspiration, from the pop sensibility of the Beatles to the lyrical subtlety of Bob Dylan, from the feel-good arena rock of Led Zeppelin to the disillusioned art rock of Radiohead. For Josh, songs are like small streams flowing into a mighty river, always moving and ever changing.</p><p>A native of the Twin Cities, Josh grew up singing and playing guitar. He attended a small liberal arts university where he earned bachelor&rsquo;s degrees in English and Art History, and returned to Minneapolis in 1999. In 2000, Josh recorded his debut album, Sun Up, a warm and loose acoustic album with Tom Herbers at Third Ear Studios. In 2002, Josh met and teamed up with producer and drummer Justin Korhonen. Together they recorded with a handful of musicians, engineers, and producers (including Alex Oana, Tom Herbers, and Erik Appelwick) to create the critically acclaimed 2003 release Between Us There Arose Happiness. In 2005 and 2006 Josh produced and recorded Water to Wash Water Away with friends from the previous album and a new arsenal of talent, including Zach Miller and Sam Keenan.</p><p>With a litany of gigs behind him, Josh is a standout live performer, both as a solo artist and with his band. He has that rare ability to command complete attention from a room full of people - and the lyrics and melodies, the sheer songcraft, demand it. He has played clubs, colleges, and festivals from coast to coast in a variety of contexts: including the launch party for internet radio station Misplaced Music, benefit concerts for AIDS and Tsunami relief, and a bluegrass Beatles tribute night.</p><p>Josh is hard at work playing shows in support of Water to Wash Water Away and working with his new live band. Check out for all the latest information and find out what Josh and his band are up to next.</p>




Press Release

By Josh Aran, 2007-05-10

<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE<br /><br />NEW ALBUM FROM JOSH ARAN<br />Minneapolis, MN - October, 2006<br />Water to Wash Water Away, the new album from singer/songwriter Josh Aran, is here! Two years in the making, it is the follow up to the successful indie release, Between Us There Arose Happiness. While Josh shared the &quot;Producer&quot; title with drummer Justin Korhonen on the previous album, Josh took the helm on Water to Wash Water Away. Great players, including Erik Appelwick (Tapes &lsquo;N Tapes, the Hopefuls), Sam Keenan, and Zach Miller (Put Down the Muffin), make this a great album with rich layers and lush melodies - think Wilco meets Elliott Smith meets Zeppelin. There&rsquo;s even a beautiful acoustic cover, only available by digital download, of Def Leppard&rsquo;s &ldquo;Hysteria&rdquo; that&rsquo;s pure headphone bliss.<br />Water marks serious growth for Aran both in terms of his abilities as a singer/songwriter and his comfort level in the studio. &ldquo;I really embraced the freedom of the studio this time,&rdquo; says Aran. &ldquo;Much of the album was recorded at home with a no-pressure vibe. We just took our time and had a great time making it. You just let it happen.&rdquo;</font>

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