Katherine Aelias Band

About Katherine Aelias Band

Aelias&#39;s most easily recognizable strength is in their song writing and unique musical blend. The band combines processed acoustic instruments (guitars, mandolins, violin, bass and drums) with powerful and hypnotic rhythms, highlighted by the mesmerizing vocals and lyrics of Katherine Aelias. It&#39;s extremely difficult to categorize this band; they move easily from the most poignant and beautiful ballads to harder-edged, modern folk rock. The band members are all seasoned musicians combining diverse musical styles and individual tastes to produce a unique sound you won&#39;t find anywhere else. In a time when many tasteless &quot;cookie-cutter&quot; tunes jam the airwaves, we think that you&#39;ll find flavor, class and substance in the music of the Katherine Aelias Band. <p>Katherine Aelias is a brilliant and beautiful vocalist and song writer, often favorably compared with Stevie Nicks and Grace Slick. Her writing style is very personal and she is able to bring an audience to tears with her heartfelt ballads or lift them to a frenzy with her rock vigniettes. Katherine has colaberated with her writing partner, Jeff Coleman, since 1999. Together they have written, recorded, released and performed a great deal of critically acclaimed music. They have obtained national and international airplay and have reached fans all over the world. </p><p>When Katherine Aelias and Jeff Coleman met in 1997, having a band together was a joke. At the time Katherine had never played any instruments and had been told (incorrectly) that she could not sing. At a dinner in Hammondsport, NY the two took special note of an odd menu item called Lindenberry Beet Reduction Sauce. They vowed that if they ever had a band together, which seemed imposible at the time, they would name it &quot;The Lindenberry Beat Reduction&quot;. Later that year Jeff handed Katherine his mandolin to show her how easy it was to make music. Katherine was hooked and immediatley started creating songs. Jeff loved her stuff but was frustrated because Katherine refused to sing in front of him or in front of anyone for that matter. Jeff and Katherine recorded a couple intrumental tracks. One afternoon Katherine snuck up to Jeff&#39;s house and recorded her first vocal track. Needless to say Jeff was amazed at how good it was. Now the challenge was to get her to sing in front of people. Slowly, with lots of encouragement, Katherine started to open up and at least sing with Jeff. They kept writing songs together and finally Katherine got up the courage to sing in public. In November of 1998 Katherine and Jeff performed in San Ignacio, Belize backed by a Rastafarian Reggae Band. The Lindenberry Beat Reduction was born. Their first performance as such was in Ellicottesville NY three and a half hours from their hometown of Ithaca; far enough away so that Katherine was guaranteed not know anyone in the audience. Although Katherine nearly refused to perform due to stagefright, the show was a great success. The two began work on their first album &quot;Topless with Mandolins&quot; which was released in the Spring of 2001. The album was unique in its progressive use of mandolins without any guitars. During the recording of the album a band was formed to perform the tunes. </p><p>In their years of performing and recording, the band has achieved accolades and won the hearts of loyal fans everywhere their music has gone. Their first single, Merge, released in 2001 when the band was known as the Lindenberry Beat Reduction, was chosen to be featured on a nationally syndicated radio show. The bands second release, Fades Away, a tribute to the tragic events of September 11, 2001 , was featured in the New York City magazine Naked City, a Columbia University Press publication. Their first 12 song CD, Topless with Mandolins, released in the spring of 2002 and received high marks from fans, as well as critics, and really glows as a debut album. </p><p>The band&#39;s second album, Coming Undone, was recorded in their studio located in the rolling hills of the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. The single Rain became the band&#39;s first video and was released in protest of the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. </p><p>Their new album, Ripped at the Seams, includes Rain and features 13 new songs in a variety of musical styles. Their music has grown more edgy and rhythmically intricate through the contributions of bassist Ben Coleman and drummer Paul Miller.</p>