Ken Tamplin

About Ken Tamplin

<p align="left"><font face="Arial">Ken Tamplin has always been referred to as a &quot;singer&#39;s singer&quot; while guitarists have hailed his playing, songwriting and production among some of the biggest names in the business. At a very young age Tamplin joined his first professional rock group Joshua and has expanded on to other well known groups such as Shout and the famed rock group Magdallan which he partnered with long time friend and guitar virtuoso Lanny Cordola.</font></p><p align="left"><font face="Arial">Tamplin then went on to be asked to sing for such groups as Foreigner, Skunk Baxter, Jeff Lynn, Geazer Butler, and even Peter Frampton. In time, Ken became known for his production abilities which has led to many film scores and source music for such features as Inspector Gadget, Perfect Storm, The Waterboy, Charlie&#39;s Angels, Mod Squad, Wild America, Major League III as well as a host of TV series&#39; such as Melrose Place, 90210, The X-Files, Baywatch, the theme for Ace Ventura (Nickelodeon), Spin City, On Disney Now!, and Entertainment Tonight.</font></p><p align="left"><font face="Arial">Ken has also found success in national television commercials for Nestle, Hotwheels, and Acura, as well as Japanese TV commercials for Ford, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Japan Airlines, Lux, and Shakey&#39;s. Tamplin has even written header spots for people like Rush Limbaugh.</font></p><p align="left"><font face="Arial">His current &quot;Make Me Your Voice&quot; series includes gospel legend Andrae&#39; Crouch, Charlie Peacock as well as the nation&#39;s largest churches such as Willow Creek and Saddleback where 100% of all artist&#39;s and producer&#39;s royalties are going to aid the mass genocide currently taking place in countries like Sudan and Afghanistan. For more info go to <a href=""></a>.</font></p>