Kenneth J Stelly

About Kenneth J Stelly

Kenneth J. Stelly was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where his parents nurtured his musical interest, buying his first guitar at age 3. Kenneth also had an interest in the piano at an early age. <p>Though he wasn&#39;t formally trained at the time, Ken enjoyed playing his favorite &quot;Top 40s&quot; tunes by ear. </p><p>By the age of 12, Ken had a dream of having his own recording studio. Due to his limited resources at the time, he figured out how to make overdubbed recordings using two tape recorders and an acoustic guitar for all instrumentation. More than two decades later, Ken&#39;s dream became a reality when he founded Wonway Records. </p><p>During the late 70&#39;s, Ken was a keyboardist for a local cover band called &quot;Black Pearl&quot;, who was under the musical tutorage of the members from the hit R&amp;B group, &quot;Rose Royce&quot;. Jam sessions with these seasoned professionals prepared the budding, local group for public appearances. </p><p>The unexpected death of Ken&#39;s mother in the early 80s, spawned a wellspring of songwriting potential. Ken spent a lot of time songwriting with his guitar, as this was therapeutic for him in coping with his mother&#39;s death and the death of his father, which occurred five years earlier. </p><p>Also taking place in the 80s, Ken headed a couple of Christian Rock bands who &quot;rocked the house&quot; at local churches and events in the South Bay area. Ken also served as a Praise &amp; Worship leader for the Youth and Singles groups, taught classical guitar classes, and was a Sunday morning soloist at the church where he attended. </p><p>By the 90&#39;s, it was a decade of growth and expansion, as Ken was a multi-instrumentalist for the Manhattan Beach pop rock group. His contribution to the group was the skillful ability to play electric 12-string guitar, keyboard, harmonica and sing backup vocal. The group played several local venues, which included being an opening act for guitarist Craig Chaquico of &quot;Jefferson Starship&quot; fame. </p><p>During this decade, Ken involved himself in study at two Recording Engineering Schools. He founded Wonway Recordings in 1995, helping aspiring artists get the songs of their hearts into a format for public enjoyment. He also continued serving local churches as a Praise &amp; Worship leader throughout the turn of the millineum. </p><p>In 2005, Ken&#39;s CD debut &quot;Choices&quot; pulls out all stops as a single artist effort. Ken pushes the envelope of full recording production as songwriter, producer, composer, engineer, vocal performer and multi-instrumentalist. </p><p>&quot;Choices&quot; delivers an exciting and refreshing artistic fusion of rock, funk, pop, jazz, classical, rap, R&amp;B (just to name a few), to the world of Inspirational Music. Through excellent musicianship, it says what needs to be said to a society that&#39;s ever evolving. </p><p>We are taken through the mind, heart and soul of the artist with a delivery that will intrigue &amp; peak the listener&#39;s anticipation. </p><p>This is a CD that contains a &quot;smorgasbord&quot; of music to appeal to ALL audiences. Hope you&#39;ll enjoy it!</p>