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About Kenny Weydener TO HEAR MORE OR BUY THIS CD, PLEASE VISIT WWW.GUITAR9.COM AT THIS LINK: Click Here Or you may visit CDBABY Click Here Composer/bassist/producer/engineer KENNY WEYDENER set out to create a different kind of instrumental sound using multi-tracked electric basses and drums/percussion. To put it very mildly,he succeeded. PROJECT ONE is a variegated mix of moods and textures that you wouldn't think possible coming from electric bass.With big PHAT grooves driving DRAMATIC compositions that are BRILLIANTLY arranged and delivered with UNDENIABLE VIRTUOSITY,Kenny's playing and arrangements will change your entire perspective on the possiblities of electric bass,and instrumental music in general.In no time flat,Kenny and his music have been very favorably reviewed by the likes of Bass Player Magazine,among others. He has sold hundreds of cd's independently and even generated significant and promising interest from the film/tv music community. Find PROJECT ONE at:,,,,, or download PROJECT ONE at any digital music site and hear why. Myspace Layouts