About KeyDragon

Gothic/Power/Doom Metal Fronted by an awesome female vocalist!

KeyDragon has evolved over the last 5 years into a Gothic Metal band of extreme power fueled by the soul of a Dragon.  After 5 albums and several band arrangements, KeyDragon has become a female fronted Gothic Metal band with Dark, screaming vocals intertwined within a blanket of metal power and doom.

Can You imagine what  would happen if Dragons could play Heavy metal?  Would it sound like roaring fire filled with sparks of energy?  Would it uplift you and scare you at the same time?  Would it be powerful and creative?

KeyDragon has taken that quest and come up with many gothic metal songs of Dragon lore, legend, myth, and arcane knowledge.

You don’t have to take guesses to get the feeling. It’s all on written within the 5 CDs of KeyDragon. An amazing collection of Gothic Metal tunes filled with power, doom, and the spirit of a Dragon!  Explore KeyDragons latest CD to ponder the tales of Maud and the Dragon, Piasa, Fafnirs Tale, The Golden Dragon, and many more.

“Dragon Prophecy” approaches gothic metal song writing from a gothic metal focus with the angelic voice of Tamara Venus Star lighting the path on most of the 14 songs. The angle is so different that You better prepare Yourself for a big surprise, an incandescently burning one.

“KeyDragon” takes You on a fantasy. It acts like a roller-coaster. In a single moment You will find Yourself attending one of the most unique Gothic metal experiences available today. You will be in a world where Dragons roam. Just You, your trusty KeyDragon, and a world filled with scales and wings. These things of power and wisdom – Gothic Dragon songs by KeyDragon.


Leaves Eyes, Lacuna Coil, Darkwell, Type O Negative, Fear Factory