Larry Baeder and the MuseGurus

About Larry Baeder and the MuseGurus

<p>The wildly popular Key West based band, Larry Baeder &amp; The MuseGurus, is Americana Music at its finest.&nbsp; They combine well crafted, timeless songwriting, vocals from the heart and disciplined arrangements, with flashes of virtuosic solos, all amply displayed on their forthcoming self-titled CD release, <em>Larry Baeder &amp; The MuseGurus</em>.&nbsp; The heart of the band is the writing team of the three principals:&nbsp; the crystal clear voice of Dora Gholson, backed by legendary guitarist/producer Larry Baeder and famous French Rocker/Bassist Francois Gehin.&nbsp; The songs are in the great tradition of classic American songwriters.&nbsp; Influenced by old school R&amp;B, Soul Music, Bluegrass, and Americana Rock, the music reflects its own unique, contemporary flavor.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><em>&ldquo;The MuseGurus have a universal appeal while staying true to their own sound.&rdquo;</em>&mdash;Michael Haskins</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Guitarist/Producer/Songwriter Larry Baeder is the real deal.&nbsp; Here is a seasoned, legendary contemporary guitarist with such an impressive musical past that it&rsquo;s difficult to verbally do justice to his multi-faceted talents and accomplishments.&nbsp; A simple look at his most recent endeavors reflect this diversity:&nbsp; his performance at the Apollo in NYC with Chuck Jackson, Ashford &amp; Simpson and Smokey Robinson; his guitar work on GI Blythe&rsquo;s recent compelling self-titled EP release, <em>GI Blythe</em>; his production of Jambalaya Brass Band&rsquo;s well received CD <em>It&rsquo;s a Jungle Out There</em>; and finally, Larry Baeder &amp; The MuseGurus will be releasing their self-titled highly anticipated collaborative debut CD in the fall of 2011.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Berklee grad Larry Baeder is a gifted and virtuosic guitarist of significant depth, and one whose dizzying, dynamic musical career reads like a who&rsquo;s who of authentic American music of the past thirty years.&nbsp; He has played guitar with jazz legends Jay McShann, Illinois Jacquet, Eddie &ldquo;Cleanhead&rdquo; Vinson, and singer Diane &ldquo;Mama&rdquo; Rae.&nbsp; He has performed and recorded with jazz greats Jeremy Stieg and Eddie Gomez.&nbsp; Baeder has collaborated with Evidence recording artist Nora York, and legendary Canadian songwriter Jane Sibery.&nbsp; He also spent five years touring and recording with Capricorn recording artist James Montgomery.&nbsp; During that time Larry played with legendary blues artists Muddy Waters, James Cotton, Junior Wells, Bonnie Raitt, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Matt &ldquo;Guitar&rdquo; Murphy, Albert King, and Dan &ldquo;Elwood Blues&rdquo; Akroyd, while also producing tracks for several Boston artists.&nbsp; In the recording studio, the late Jimmy Miller, producer for The Rolling Stones, Steve Winwood, Traffic and Blind Faith, included Baeder on much of his later work.&nbsp; By the mid-eighties, Larry was recording sessions with Buddy Guy, James Taylor, and Carly Simon, as well as playing on jingles and film scores.&nbsp; Baeder has performed in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Africa.&nbsp; In addition, he has strong ties to New Orleans and has frequently worked with piano genius Henry Butler as well as other NOLA musicians including Ivan Neville, Brian Stoltz, Rebbecca Berry and Shannon Powell.&nbsp; He has worked with Blues legend Tracy Nelson and is a featured soloist on Heracio &ldquo;El Negro&rdquo; Hernandez and Robbie Ameen&rsquo;s criticlly acclaimed CD <em>Robbie and Negro from the Third World War</em>.&nbsp; Baeder's 2000 solo-artist CD release <em>Maximo Strut</em> reached #5 on the Blues charts nationwide.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Michigan native Dora Gholson, songwriter, co-guitarist and lead vocalist for Larry Baeder &amp; The MuseGurus, is a poetic lyricist and an astonishingly engaging singer. &nbsp;She can turn a one-syllable word into a five-syllable word that encompasses six notes and two octaves and has the vocal agility to sing all around the note and land squarely on pitch.&nbsp; To top it off, Gholson has a rich and heart-felt vocal sound which she employs in a skillful and soulful manner that remains with the listener long after the performance is over.&nbsp; She has been singing most of her life and professionally in the Key West area since 2006.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Francios Gehin, born and raised in Paris, is not only an incredibly disciplined musician on 7-string bass, but also brings savvy digital studio skills and brilliant engineering to Larry Baeder &amp; The MuseGurus. &nbsp;He provides Gholson and Baeder a steady hand at the helm, both on stage and in the studio.&nbsp; With major credits as varied as opening for the Ramones in Brazil to the recording of three major label releases with French Rock band, Little Bob Story (with a &lsquo;Record of the Week&rsquo; award from the British music magazine <em>New Music Express</em>), and a stint with Jimmy Vivino of the Conan O&rsquo;Brian Show, his musicianship is now in high demand with visiting and local artists in the highly diverse Key West music scene.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Contact:&nbsp; </strong>Janet Castiel, Redwood Entertainment, Inc. (212) 543-9998 <a href=""></a></p>