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About Lyrical Storm�

There are several genres of music, and Lyrical Storm is focused on making the art of spoken word a force within the music industry. Writing for over 12 years, Storm first began his practice of writing spoken word in middle school through love poetry. He would later become a member of the local Fort Wayne, Indiana group known as the Black Italians after his Sophomore year in high school. Working with many local artist in the B.I. Attic became an essential step of balancing Storm's creativity of his spoken word style, basically his love poetry and prose to his freestyle and written flows.
    Storm went to Indianapolis, IN to study marketing in college after being a member of B.I. for three years. Still performing his spoken word material on campuses and around Nap-town's poetic venue his plan was to write a poetry book to help pay for his tuition while attending a private college. Uncharted Vaults volumes 1-3 were the poetry books that were planned to assist him on paying for college, planned to release late August the year of 2004. Due to financial fall backs Storm was forced to postpone the yearly planned volume release of the Uncharted Vaults series while relocating and reestablishing himself. Moving to Cincinnati became great success allowing Storm to not only release his volume series, but to self publish them with his own company in the Midwest--C.N.E. Agency founded in Cincinnati, OH USA 2007.
    Officially published Finding Love 101 is the first volume and publishing of C.N.E. Publishers. Looking for regional Midwest success there are limited copies of the Cornerstone 1st edition including fan-club membership and several other exclusive perks. The second edition will be distributed throughout the U.S. and is also available online at C.N.E. Agency is currently working on several projects that are in the process of being complete. Upcoming publishings, music releases, playwrights, video game concepts, and etc are available through Lyrical Storm's newsletter until conflicting issues arrive for a home website for C.N.E. Agency. Within the music industry there are several genres of music, and Lyrical Storm is focused seemly a poetic spoken word force.


Nas, LL Cool J, Ice Cube