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By Richard Adams, 2007-04-24

PLAY YOSONG RECORDS, INC. <p>February 4, 2007 </p><p>Press Release </p><p>At this time Play YoSong&quot; Records, Inc., is happy to announce the release of the album &ldquo;Out of Sight Out of Mind&rdquo; performed by Good Sense Productions recording artist, Maia (Belinda Davids-Fishman) </p><p>Maia, who hails from Port Elisabeth, South Africa, already commands a solid fan base in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles (she has been performing at various venues in this area for the past couple of years), and is increasing her fan base as she continues to perform at other venues in other sections of the greater Los Angeles area and other cities in Southern California. </p><p>&ldquo;Out of Sight Out of Mind&rdquo;, her U.S. debut album (Produced by Malvin Dino Vice For Good Sense Productions) encompasses songs of love lost, love found, money &amp; debt, and several other soul stirring/spirit healing songs of various subject matter. </p><p>While this sensational singing vixen has been compared to artists who range from the likes of Whitney Houston to Mariah Carey, connoisseurs will find that Maia has found her &ldquo;vocal self&rdquo; with this debut effort, and it is the expectation of this writer that she will become an even finer gem with each and every one of her future musical offerings. </p><p>I welcome all of you reading this press release get your copy of this CD, kick back, and take this pleasant musical journey as &ldquo;Out of Sight Out of Mind&rdquo; promises to deliver to the musical tastes of all who dare to engage! </p><p>Maia&rsquo;s &ldquo;Out of Sight Out of Mind&rdquo; can be purchased at and many web vendors in the coming weeks. Enjoy! </p><p>Richard M. Adams Chief Executive Officer - Play YoSong Records, Inc.</p>

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About Maia

BELINDA FISHMAN (MAIA) BIO Place of birth: Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Maia began performing professionally at the age of 16. She has never had vocal training. Her talent is god given. Maia’s inspiration as a child was Whitney Houston. Maia has vocal range greater then 4.5 octaves. Although she can sing all genres, her musical heart is R&B/Soul. Maia appeared all over South Africa for a number of years at various hotels, clubs, & cabarets. Maia appeared as an opening act in South Africa for the following recording artists: Michael Jackson’s History Tour, The Manhattans, The Temptations and Peaches and Herbs. She recorded one album titled, “Belinda Davids” (Maia’s maiden name) with Tusk Records. Three of the songs on this album were released as singles, “We Go Together”, “This I Swear” and “This Is My Life.” These three singles were original songs written by the artist. “We Go Together” was number one for six weeks in South Africa. Maia then appeared for about four years in Asia, England and Dubai at various clubs and up-scale hotels. Maia is currently recording her USA debut album and appearing with her band at clubs all around the LA area. Talent has to be developed in order to keep our nation strong!!!!!