About Menice


Born Timothy Turner in Atlanta, Ga.and later adopted becoming Timothy Dollinger, At 17 He met a producer from New Orleans who had an ear for music. Together they started seeking talent for the label Menice had started with a friend.

After 4 years of performing and low on resources for his label, Menice decided to join the military in 2003. In the military he began working on his album while stationed in Hawaii and deployed to Iraq. Once Menice returned from deployment he started performing as V.P. in the camp promoted by Stay Drunk Records. Artist associated with the label are Grimmy, Nutty, Unknown and J Hussle.

Menice has also performed with BP Entertainment artist and CEO MOB, Bay Area CJ, Eleah Murder and Axe. He has also Performed with War Time Records artist Juan Pardo, Supa D, Keazy, and Mrs Liberty. Now residing in Rochester, N.Y., Menice has signed with GPP Global Music Entertainment in hopes of growing a worldwide fan base.

Menice has been featured on albums:

    * P Grimmy- Back in the Lab/songs; Carma, That’s Life,
    * Fresh Trinny – Determined/songs- Another day, You can get it
    * Drink Up Mobb – I get mine/Songs- I believe, Truth, Destined, to Good a One
    * Unknown Album – Closed Casket


Menice has performed live at clubs in Hawaii:Club Tropics, Club Illusions, and Club Just One. Clubs in Atlanta, Cartersville, and Stone Mountain Georgia, South Carolina, Pensacola, Panama City, Fla., and New Orleans.


Accomplishments and Direct Quotes: .


Menice's new Single 'I Get It' has climbed the charts reaching from as far as Australia, Canada, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and is still consistently gaining momentum in the states debuting at  9 the first week of his release on WBLK 93.7 UNSIGNED HYPE top ten charts. Over an eleven week countdown Menice consistently moved up the charts to 2 impressing the WBLK DJ's with the amount of support his single brought, not only to his single but to the UNSIGNED HYPE top ten countdown. DJ  DT's direct quote <b>"Menice had a crazy amount of support from not only the states but the hit's on the WBLK website showed a world wide fan base from the UK to Canada and ranging all over the world"

Menice has also been blowing up the charts on a Virginia beach based radio station World Wide Radio. Again showing the tremendous support Menice has,  The CEO of World Wide Radio, DJ BOZ  direct quote. <b>" My phone lines stay blowing up. I received almost a thousand calls for this song so here it is. MENICE 'I Get It' "

List Of Stations We Are Playing On
96.3 JAMZ Albany,NY
93.7 WBLK Buffalo- Top Ten Chart 2
Hot 97 New York
Power 106.9 Syracuse, NY
KS 107.5 Denver, Co.
Power93.9 Wichita, KS
V103 Atlanta, GA
Foxy99 Fayetteville, NC
WPRK 91.5fm Winter Park, FL
KTUH 90.3 Hawaii
HOT JAMZ Seattle, Washington
Clearchannel Online Music and radio
Block Jams
89.1fm Jeep beats, Ottawa Canada
89.3 Montreal, Canada
93.6 fm Berlin, Germany
107.1 tha-prophecy Goettingen, Germany
PBS106.7fm Melbourne, Australia
Radio stad 107.8 Belgium
TMF Belgium
Royal Radio, Amsterdam, Netherlands
World Wide Radio Virginia Beach


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