Michael Brass
About Michael Brass
Born in southern France, and accompanied by the music of his parents (Elvis, The Beatles among others), Michael strummed his first chords on his dad’s guitar at the age of ten. As a self-taught teenager, he began his musical path by starting up various cover bands (Kiss of Bela, Everglades). These bands gave him his first taste of performing live on stage as a singer and guitarist. After saving up enough money from local gigs, he bought an 8 Track Mixer. It was thanks to this he launched into a frenzy of composing in both English and French. From this moment on, Michael never stopped creating music, his 60s pop influences on one hand, and a new songwriting element, more jazzy and soulful (Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye) on the other. This duality is still present in his work today. Over time, his adaptability and musical flexibility allowed him to collaborate with various artists in France and in the U.S. On stage, both as a band front man (festivals, European tours, etc) and solo artist (nightclubs, and a variety of venues in Western Europe), Michael fine-tuned his talent as a performer, having the opportunity to play before large audiences. In 2004, he released his first album (sold on CD Baby), for which he wrote, composed, did instruments, vocals and self produced. This album like the next one, “Homeland” from 2005, is largely inspired by the 1970s soul wave that has had a great effect on him. Certain tracks from the album were strongly promoted and got airplay on various French radio stations. Michael currently resides in Los Angeles where he’s exploring opportunities in the music industry. His last album has been released on february 2007