European National Top 40 Charts

By mikeparrish, 2008-12-11
European National Top 40 Charts

<p align="center"><strong>According to the European Country Music Association, "Goin' Back to Texas" is back on the charts in Europe.&nbsp; This marks the 16th occasion, in the past year, that four singles from our "Texas in the Man" album have made the&nbsp;National Top 40 Charts&nbsp;in 8 separate countries</strong></p>
<p align="center"><strong>Here's how the album stacks up so far;<br />"SUNNY DAY"<br />2/08/2008 - Norway - 35</strong></p>
<p align="center"><strong>"BLUE JEAN BABY"<br />11/26/2007 - Spain - 33<br />12/13/2007 - Switzerland - 5</strong></p>
<p align="center"><strong>"TEXAS IN THE MAN"<br />7/31/2008 - Switzerland - 13<br />8/11/2008 - Switzerland - 20</strong></p>
<p align="center"><strong>"GOIN' BACK TO TEXAS"<br />2/08/2008 - Norway - 30<br />6/20/2008 - Italy - 6<br />7/3/2008 - Switzerland - 6<br />7/3/2008 - The Netherlands - 27<br />7/18/2008 - Belgium - 27<br />7/18/2008 - Switzerland - 6<br />7/18/2008 - United Kingdom - 22<br />9/16/2008 - United Kingdom - 37<br />9/25/2008 - United Kingdom - 37<br />11/28/2008 - Belgium - 21<br />11/28/2008 - Germany - 32</strong></p>
<p align="center"><strong>We're very happy to add Germany to the list of countries where we've seen airplay and very happy that Belgium &amp; German DJs continue to play our tunes!</strong></p>
<p align="center"><strong>Just in case you haven't been told, we've launched the <br /></strong><strong><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="color: #ff9900;">Official Parrish-Hundley Home Page</span></a></strong></p>
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<p align="center"><strong>Thanks for all your support<br /><br />Wishing you a very safe &amp; happy holiday season!<br />MIKE</strong></p>

Mike Parrish & Six Gun
About Mike Parrish & Six Gun

Mike Parrish was born and raised in Southeast Texas.  Like most singer/songwriters, Mike began writing songs at a very early age.  While Mike's first love has always been music, a career in music seemed to evade him for so many years and, in the meantime, life just got in the way.  After serving in the United States Army then enjoying a long career as a successful and distinguished Texas Peace Officer, Mike ultimately came back to his roots after reuniting with a lifelong friend and fellow singer/songwriter Sammy Hundley. When fate landed them, almost simultaneously, back in their hometown, it was inevitable that they'd begin making music together again after many long years of separation.

Sammy Hundleyhas spent a lifetime dedicated to the creation of music and has become an accomplished, even masterful, singer / songwriter and guitar player.  He formed his first band at 16 years old and, due to factors beyond his control, fell just short of a recording contract before he'd even graduated high school.  Sammy has been the leader of his own band and has been a member of other bands playing even to the far reaches of the east in China.  Anyone who knows anything about music will immediately identify a very special quality in Sammy Hundley as soon as they hear him sing and play.  Though gone are the days of Sammy and Mike playing air guitar and jumping into the living room floor from Mike's mom's sofa, they still recall the past by listening to an occasional Kiss or Cheap Trick tune.  The youthful spirit, that was so alive when they were just kids, has been forever rekindled since the reunion of these two sons from Hull, Texas.  While, as pre-teens, they always knew that one day they'd be making music and playing for the crowds together, the years apart has given them the life experiences that has only enhanced the talents they were born with. June 5, 2006.  Sammy & Mike met for a week in Crystal Beach, Texas to relive old times and lay a couple of demo tracks.  No one even suspected the magic that was about to happen and when the guys completed the "Runnin' Outa' Time" demo, the group present at the beach cabin were simply amazed at what they'd done with little more than a Blue Snowball mic and a Garageband program.  Though they didn't really talk about it, they believe that's when they actually decided to record an album.  And they got busy."Runnin' Outa' Time" was a song that Mike had written years before he and Sammy met to lay the demo track in Crystal Beach.  Mike had written several hundred songs over the years, as had Sammy, mostly of Country & Southern Rock genres while Sammy worked in several genres but lingered mostly in Rock, R&B & Pop.  When these two writing styles came together, it was only inevitable that the sounds of "Blue Jean Baby," - "Goin' Back to Texas" - "Ain't We Got It Good" and finally "Texas in the Man" were born.  

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