About Northshore

With it's beginnings in the rock music scene already booming in the last half of 2007 when the band formed, Northshore had a changing lineup and unsteady practice schedule, and the band was ridden with a full set that needed to be scrapped, as it wasn't up to bar with the musicians' high expectations.  In the first month of 2008, however, a solid lineup of Jake Salmich on lead vocals and guitar, Tyler Martin on lead guitar, Brian Walsh on percussion, and Nick Liberatore on bass, a more frequent practice schedule, and a strong motivation to not just become another sub-par band on the local scene filled with pop-punk and metal bands helped put the band in the spotlight.  The culmination of the band's hard work was the studio recording of their first song, "Lights Out", for their self-titled EP. 

Northshore prides themselves on their ability to distance themselves from the typical pop-punk genre, with their music being an invigorating shot of straight up rock.  The band doesn't want to weigh themselves down by the constricting labels often placed on bands today, so the only way to decide whether or not their tunes are worth your while is to forget your preconceived ideas of what a teenage band can do, and give their music a listen.   You won't be disappointed.