About Overgarven

Everything started in late 2001 after the disbanding of the first line-up of Crossover. Back then, the band was called Warfare. As they realized during the summer of 2002 that this name was already taken, they decided to adopt the moniker Overgarven. (Overgarven is also the name of the uniform soldiers wear to protect themselves against chemical weapons.) In May 2003, the recording of the band's first promo CD took place. "Promo 2003" was recorded at Nemesis studios in Kavala and is already starting to bring about encouraging reviews. In 2004, Jimmy (ex-Crossover) replaces Teo, and later in september 2004, Thodoris replaces Jimmy. Overgarven's music can be described as Melodic Death Metal with heavy metal influences and all the members participate in the composing process. Lyrics are all written by Sirrah.Line-up: <br />Dick "Hammer" Nick: guitars <br />Nick: rhythm guitar <br />Pery: bass <br />Thodoris: drums&nbsp;


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