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My name is Patricia A. Borelli.  I'm an independent recording artist, author, songwriter, singer, from Michigan. I am also a writer, and a recording artist with many  different sites, as Trisha Blue Water. I truly would like to say that, I love the Lord Jesus Christ, with all my heart, and soul. He has opened doors in my life, where it seemed hopeless to most. I had people telling  me it was to late to have a career. I will never give up singing and writing. I'm a romantic in heart. I write my books, and songs based on real life. I am poetic in nature. I love art, and graphic designing. There are so many sites to hear the downloads of our songs in distribution companies world wide. Please search Trisha Blue Water for songs, and books. Blessing to all.


Elvis Presley,Lisa Marie Presley, Reba McEntyre,Kenny Rogers, Smokey Robinson,The Osmonds,Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline
@patricia-a-borelli-artist-trisha-blue-water • 5 years ago
My new name is Patricia A. Borelli, I'm Independent Recording artist Trisha Blue Water, songwriter. singer, keyboards. I play by ear and most of my songs are experimental one to two takes. I love writing from life and how I view it. I love music and love singing with feelings from my heart. Keep posted on search engines for more of my songs in different genres.