Eduardo Gamboa: Guitar/Sitar/Vocals

Manuel Rodriguez: Bass/Backup vox

Roger Reese: Drums/Backup vox

Combine a Latin flavor with the progressive rock influences of 70's American culture, you will hear the music of Raya Nova. The trio brings many of their collective influences to to the forfront of their music, making Raya Nova's music something that people have been waiting to hear.

After many member adjustments over the years, Raya Nova refined themselves down to a power trio of multi talented musicians performing everything from Latin groove to hook ladened rock to soft Flamenco ballads.

From an "out of band" viewpoint - it is said that "you will definately be entertained" when Raya Nova performs, "there's a lot of sound that comes from this small trio".

Please dedicate an evening to experience Raya Nova for yourselves, you will not be disappointed!

RAYA NOVA is a hard hitting, multi genre Bay Area band capturing listeners at every show. "Who are these guys and where did they come from?" seems to be the common question at every performance, as well as the commonly heard "Freakin' Awesome!". Raya Nova is humbly feeling recieved by new crowds everywhere. Thank you!

On the fringe of a label signing, Raya Nova is working tirelessly to get their music out to all who want to hear it. We hope to see everyone at the edge of a Raya Nova stage very soon! - Raya Nova management.

Eduardo Gamboa: Guitars/vocals/Sitar/Keys
Manuel Rodriguez: Bass Guitars/Back Vox
Roger Reese: Drums/Percussion/Back Vox

www.rayanova.com www.myspace.com/rayanova rayanova1@gmail.com

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