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I am a performing/song writer from West Virginia. My influences lean heavy on the original country outlaw legends as well as southern rockers. I along with my band enjoy entertaining crowds with a mix of kicking tunes.

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By rdlogar, 2009-10-04

<div>Hi Everyone,</div>
<div>&nbsp;If you are not&nbsp;aware or&nbsp;haven't already&nbsp;signed on the Vegas Indie TV&nbsp;Show, You can find&nbsp;a link&nbsp;at my web site <a href=""></a></div>
<div>&nbsp; It covers three genres&nbsp;so let&nbsp;us know if your&nbsp;signed so that&nbsp;we can vote!</div>
<div>To vote for a band, you may either go to that band's personal page ( the search artist feature is located at the top right of every page); click on audio or video at the top of their page and rate their song from "dismal to excellent". Another way to reach the artist's song page is to go to the drop down menu at the top of the home page "charts" and choose "audio or video plays" or "lists" and browse artists.</div>